Posted by: Ingrid | December 1, 2013


I had hoped to make this an “epic” running week, in honor of my birthday.  Epic (since I am still not at a place where 34 miles or 34 kilometers is an option) meant, in this case, going for the big 40.  But a combination of travel for 4 days (road trip 5 hours away with a newborn and as a family of 5…woo hoo!) and a case of low grade Mastitis made me reconsider “epic”.  I settled for 34 miles for the week that I finished today with a 3.4 mile run.  Good times and happy birthday to me.

There is much I could say about hitting this birthday and about life where we are at right now and life as a new family of five.  But as with so much these days, it may not ever get said, and that may not be a bad thing since it would probably be a little depressing.  As I was lying in bed last night, thinking too hard about everything, I stopped myself and made myself think of 34 things I was thankful for.  It took about two minutes.  Because as much as I wish things were different and as much as things feel hard right now, when I was looking through pictures last night (Thank you, Ashley Ganton!), I realized that I have more tangible and intangible things at the same time than a lot of people in a lot of places dream of having.




And I am thankful.

1. For the man who officially became my boyfriend 8 years ago today and who I have been married to for over 7 years.

2. For the ability to read and get lost in Narnia or on Barrayar.

3. That I had a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery this year.

4. For our precious little girl who was such a surprise on several different levels.

5. For real baby smiles that began yesterday.

6. For snorty and snuffly baby noises when she dozes against my shoulder.

7. For the melt-my-heart smile of my two-year old.

8. For a heated home.

9. For the chocolate that’s in my cupboard.

10. For the old DVD/VHS player that is keeping my children occupied while I blog today.

11. For my four-year old who is currently kissing his sister and telling me that he will protect her always with his sword.

12. For the craziness of my three boys all together.

13. For running shoes that fit.

14. For a body that’s able to run this soon after having a baby.

15. For the chance to see family over Thanksgiving.

16. For preschool for Isaac.

17. For the easy pumpkin cheesecake that I threw together today so that there would be a birthday dessert.

18. That, as of today, I am only 4 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.

19. That I managed to stretch out a pair of my favorite jeans enough to wear them today (they may never stretch back, but oh well.)

20. For new running songs.

21. For the ability to hope even when life seems hard or too much to handle.

22. For sweet moments between my children.

23. For a husband who knows how much I love time alone and running.

24. For the bright clouds at sunset over the outline of trees.

25. For peanut butter that tastes good again.

26. For friends and family who love me.

27. For hugs from Jonathan.

28. For good strong coffee that can always be made stronger when necessary.

29. For poems and songs that express things that I can’t always find words for.

30. For five healthy people in our family.

31. For the fact that the semester will end in two weeks.

32. For a home with more space and better layout than any we have had before.

33. For a shower with plenty of hot water.

34. For the ability to leave the house yesterday for three hours to run errands while two of my kids were yelling and Liliana was screaming her head off knowing that Husband was perfectly competent to handle the challenge and that I could escape. :-)

Yes, I am blessed with so much and I am thankful.

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  1. Beautiful photos and many beautiful things to be thankful for while celebrating your birthday!

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