Posted by: Ingrid | February 10, 2016

Bumpdate: 27 Weeks

Due Date: 91 days away on May 11, 2016.

Weight Gain: We just aren’t going to go there this week.

Symptoms: A few episodes of random vomiting, headaches, swollen legs (do NOT remember this one from past pregnancies), excessive crankiness and exhaustion, clothes not fitting correctly.

What’s different this time: I tried to convince the doctor that I could eat two servings of candy corn for the gestational diabetes test rather than drink 300 calories of disgusting orange beverage.  They couldn’t make that work but they did a different test that saved me 300 calories and and an hour of my time.

Cravings/Aversions: Not in particular.  Though green olives… yum.

Sleep: I am getting plenty of sleep and yet still feel exhausted.  If I get up at 6 am I peak at 8:30 am and am ready for a nap by 10 am.

I am loving: The temperatures are almost to 60 degrees today and most of the ice and snow from last week’s blizzard has melted.  The squirrels are jumping from tree to tree and there are birds everywhere.  It makes me think that spring may actually show up this year.

I am grateful for: The fact that February is going faster than I anticipated.

I miss: There is so much I miss.  I know this is the last pregnancy, I know that I never have to be pregnant again and that in 13-14 “short” weeks this will be a closed chapter in my life, but I miss so many things.

Milestones: This is the first week in the third trimester and the first week in the seventh month of pregnancy.  Yay for progress.

Best moment this week: Getting the chance to watch the Broncos win the Super Bowl with friends.

I am stressing over: The extent of tiredness that I am feeling already and my discomfort in my own skin.

Movement: He has started moving when I’m moving and not always in the same direction.

It’s a: Boy.

Exercise: Last week was terrible.  There was a blizzard, new snow, ice all over the roads… I ran a total of 13 miles and did lots of biking and some elliptical.  Did weights once and abs a couple of times.

Diet: It’s really hard to care when nothing I do really matters.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week: 25-30 miles for the week, cross train on the off days.  I think, since after 5 weeks of weights my arms have never looked bigger, I may just quit until post-baby.  And ab work?  Who needs it?

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Posted by: Ingrid | February 3, 2016

Bumpdate: 26 Weeks

Due Date: May 11, 2016, though my guess is still around May 15.

Weight Gain: 14-15 pounds depending on the day, since I can easily go up 2 pounds overnight.

Symptoms: I am really tired.  I actually let the Little Einsteins watch my two youngest on Monday morning because I needed to close my eyes at 10 am.  I am also grumpy and people are making me feel claustrophobic.  Throw in random acid reflux and all of my clothes feeling too tight and here we are at 26 weeks.

What’s different this time: I have never ever gotten this much sleep during pregnancy.  I have also never had my running hampered so much by weather.

Cravings/Aversions: Not really.

Sleep: Still getting lots of sleep but making a point to get up earlier.

I am loving: That for the first snow day this week my husband got the day off too.

I am grateful for: A heater that works and Netflix.

I miss: Warmth, a normal body, normal running, normal taste buds.  I miss everything.

Milestones: This is the last week in the second trimester.  Less than 100 days to go and another calendar month out of the way. Some outlying sites consider week 26 to be the start of the third trimester (and some don’t start it until 28 weeks) so I go for the middle.

Best moment this week: Yesterday when we went outside to shovel all the kids bundled up and came out and it was really fun.  Since I am not a huge cold weather fan, it was nice to have everyone out and having a good time.

I am stressing over: School has been closed 2.5/3 days this week and I am tired and out of patience.  Also, my clothes aren’t fitting right.  Also, I want to be alone in a quite warm place where I can run and sleep uninterrupted.  I will be doing a lot of deep breathing today.

Movement: I am getting lots of wiggling and squirming these days.

It’s a: Boy.

Exercise: I got in 25 miles last week, plus crosstraining, weights and abs.

Diet: Meh.  Particularly since we are low on lots of staples and produce and since I spent a lot of time yesterday making things I normally wouldn’t like salted caramel muffins and cookies.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week: Weights and abs and hopefully more than 20 miles for the week.  The new snow, snow and wind the past few days, and cold is seriously messing with my running this week and I. Don’t. Like it.

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Posted by: Ingrid | January 31, 2016

January Resolution Recap

If there’s anything more fun that making New Year’s resolutions it is tracking progress throughout the year.  Again, since I love lists, it is particularly satisfying to see progress and to get closer to crossing some things off.  This month I learned that while I resolved to cook 36 new recipes and read 50 new books we eat much more than I get time to read.  Perhaps I should have reversed the numbers.  Some things, such as losing the baby weight or getting back into non-pregnant running or road-tripping to South Dakota can’t be tackled yet, but I am happy with this month’s progress.

-Read 50 books. 

I got through 10 books this month (1 re-read and 9 new books).  Because my library time is truncated I often grab books that look or sound interesting at first glance and I usually end up pleasantly surprised.  My colossal failure this month, was picking up Girl in Glass at 24 weeks pregnant and later discovering that it was the true story of a woman whose baby was delivered by C-section at 25.5 weeks after a healthy and routine pregnancy.  Good book but not good mid-pregnancy reading.  On the other hand, if you are looking for a fantastic author and haven’t read the first two books of Patrick Rothfuss’ King Killer Chronicle trilogy, I highly recommend them.  Unfortunately the third book isn’t out yet.  Be warned, because I didn’t know this until after I was hooked.

-Enjoy the rest of pregnancy #4 and have a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby.

I seem to be having a continued healthy pregnancy and am trying to enjoy what I can.

-Find 6 sustainable homesteading type activities to implement.

I made a list of things I want to try!  That counts as a start.

-Tighten up the budget since we are going to be making 9% less this year.

I didn’t actually know what our budget this year would look like until last Friday, but I cut down enough this month and modified enough columns that the numbers weren’t shocking.

-Try 36 new recipes.

I like to think of Pinterest as a holding pen for recipes.  I love pinning interesting things and then trying new recipes often.  I tried 24 new recipes this month, with a few winners.

This particular beef curry was fantastic!  I will make it again and not share (I did modify the spiciness for the family).

This was a fun and easy blondie dessert recipe that Jonathan enjoyed helping with.  Lily just wanted to eat the chocolate.

-Write at least one letter or birthday card a month.

Did this a few times.

-Enter the Nursing program.

This is multi-faceted resolution but so far I’ve found childcare/preschool openings at the places I was hoping for and it looks like all four children will have a place to go.  I also got the study guide I need to take the nursing entrance exam and am trying to be motivated to study.

-Find an effective sustainable weight routine that gets results.  

Frankly, I cannot get results while pregnant.  I don’t know if it’s the extra fluid during pregnancy or what, but doing weights seems almost pointless.  But weights are good for you and all that, so I picked my copy of New Rules of Lifting for Women back up and have been working through section 1 twice a week.  At least it’s a place to start.

-Superfluous and frivolous resolution: Finish all the seasons of The Office and Gilmore Girls and watch Downton Abbey as the episodes air online. 

I am doing so well on this!  I’ve made it to the last season of both The Office and Gilmore Girls and we have managed to mostly stay current with Downton Abbey.  Good thing I am knocking out the important resolutions. :-)

Onward to February!

Posted by: Ingrid | January 27, 2016

Bumpdate: 25 Weeks

Due Date: May 11, 2016. 105 days away (but who’s counting?).

Weight Gain: 13-ish pounds.

Symptoms: Exhaustion and feeling like my stomach has been pumped full of air with the occasional headache.

What’s different this time: This is the first time we have found out the gender and then NOT named the baby immediately.  Someday.  Soon.  I don’t know that I have ever taken children to a prenatal before, and I did that yesterday, along with accomplishing 8 other errands to fill our morning.  Jonathan was happy to play with the life-sized uterus and pull-out IUD in the exam room and loved being able to measure my stomach and spread goop on my belly.

Cravings/Aversions: Really craving oranges and cucumbers.  Oddly enough, my children have suddenly decided that they love cucumbers as well. And I don’t want to share.

Sleep: Good except when I have insomnia.

I am loving: It is supposed to be in the 50’s for the next 4 days.  I love this weather.

I am grateful for: Sunshine and the fact that baby seems to be doing well with a heart rate at 138-142.

I miss: I just want to feel normal again.  Like a normal non-pregnant person.

Milestones: Last week in the triple digits, last week of January, and it’s a week divisible by 5.  Those are pretty notable milestones. :-p

Best moment this week: Since after Christmas I have been dealing with PNS (Pre Nesting Syndrome) and have been trying to organize the house bit by bit.  I finally cleaned and de-cluttered the downstairs kitchen this weekend and felt like I was ready to take on the world.

I am stressing over: Nothing major.  Definitely wondering if my winter running shirts are going to cover my girth for as long as the cold lasts.

Movement: Lots of movement lots of the time.

It’s a: Boy.  Still unnamed.

Exercise: I ran 25 miles last week with a long run of 11 miles.  Did my two days of weights and abs and biked and did the elliptical when I didn’t run.

Diet: Diet took a turn for the worse this week.  The more “blah” I feel the more likely I am to eat stuff that I don’t want and that doesn’t actually taste good.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week: I have so far made it up early to run two days in a row.  I would like to get in 25-30 miles this week, but I am prepared to downsize if necessary.  Weights twice, cross train the off days, abs twice.

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Posted by: Ingrid | January 20, 2016

Bumpdate: 24 Weeks

Due Date: May 11, 2016.  Finally we get to even out the birthdays through the year!

Weight Gain: 11 pounds

Symptoms: Headaches and exhaustion.

What’s different this time: I have never been so tired or gotten so much sleep during a pregnancy.

Cravings/Aversions: I really want cucumbers and I have already eaten the ones in our fridge.  That’s a really weird craving though.

Sleep: Now that the semester is upon us I have to start getting “less” sleep.  Since I have been getting 9-10 hours a night (thanks to 1/4 of a Unisom tablet) that means more along the lines of 8 hours if I want any hope of running.  For some reason (though I have never slept this much during a pregnancy) this feels like a hardship.

I am loving: All the maternity shirts that I have borrowed this time around with ruching.  This is truly the best thing ever when you are pregnant and I am sad I didn’t find it sooner.

I am grateful for: I got up early and ran for the first time in months and got an exquisite flaming pink and red sunrise as payoff.  Even with the additional cold, dark, and tiredness, it was worth it.

I miss: Bending over to pick things out without going “oof”.

Milestones: 3/5 of the way there and on a week divisible by 4.  This was also the first day I took my picture and my six year old proclaimed, “Mom, the baby makes you look like you’re a little fat.” Nice and encouraging, that one.

Best moment this week: Yesterday it was 45 degrees, sunny, and not windy when I made the school pick up rounds.  It at least gave the illusion that winter will not last forever.

I am stressing over: How difficult it has been to get decent running in.  Above all, I hate feeling trapped, and that is exactly how I feel when weather/sleeping/schedules/children coincide and I feel like I can’t do anything I enjoy.

Movement: Lots and lots.  It’s always odd to get to the stage where I wake up and roll over at night and the baby wakes up too.

It’s a: Boy.

Exercise: Got in 23 miles last week and was pretty disappointed.  Cross trained and did weights and abs too.

Diet: I feel like this had been good.  I even had a breakfast salad the other day (with eggs).  I had 3/4 of a day of attempting to eat a combination of Whole 30 and Maffetone-ish diet and was reminded that I feel sick whenever I cut my carbs down to just sweet potatoes and fruit.  So that was fun.  My bi-monthly lesson that my body prefers moderation to “cool” athletic eating plans.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:  Get somewhere between 25-28 miles in.  Seeing that it is Wednesday and I am at 7 miles, that will take some doing.  2 days of weights and 2 days of abs and cross training on the off days.

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Posted by: Ingrid | January 13, 2016

Bumpdate: 23 Weeks

Due Date: May 11, 2016.  A million years from now.

Weight Gain: Somewhere between 10 and 12 pounds.  Fine by me provided I gain nothing else for the next 2-4 weeks but not the “at least 15 pounds” that Fit Pregnancy maintains I must have gained by now.  I want a uterine replicator, my body is tired of this.

Symptoms: Annoyance with being pregnant.  Feeling like a hippo when I run.  Lower back pain.

What’s different this time: This is my first pregnancy in the winter (I was technically pregnant with Isaac during the winter but I was in So Cal so “winter” doesn’t really apply.)and I have mixed feelings.  On one hand, it’s easier to lose the time running productively knowing that running right now is terrible anyway because of the conditions.  On the other hand, it is cold and exhausting and I kind of hate it.  I am also afraid that I will get too big to squeeze into my running gear before it starts warming up.

Cravings/Aversions: Not really either one.  Still really loving the salt though.

Sleep: I am continuing with unisom or melatonin simply because if I don’t I wake up and can’t go back to sleep.  Liliana has ruined normal sleep for me, with her horrible patterns as a baby and topping that off with pregnancy insomnia does no one any good.

I am loving: That the boys are excited about the new baby.

I am grateful for: Health and the fact that my husband has had a longer Christmas break than many people.  But now he has to go back.  Wah, wah, wah.

I miss: Being able to cough and sneeze without peeing my pants.

Milestones: First week in the sixth month of pregnancy done.

Best moment this week: I found out two days ago that I have the day care spot I wanted for our unborn child if I manage to start the Nursing program in the fall.  Finding a slot for a child under 2 is difficult where we live.  The fact that I wanted a provider who lives next door and will be a 4 minute walk from my classes upped it to almost impossible.  But now I have it and it’s a little scary.

I am stressing over: The fact that I really want to enjoy my last pregnancy but hate this stage so so so much.

Movement: This kid loves to move!

It’s a: Boy.  And no, we do not have any names picked out.

Exercise: I ran 30 miles last week over 4 days, with an 11 mile long run that felt fantastic.  Also did abs and 2 days of lifting, which felt good.  Hopefully two rounds of New Rules will see me almost to my due date. Sigh.

Diet: I feel blah and my diet reflects that.  Need to clean it up and eat good things and stop eating crappy stuff because I feel big and pregnant.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week: Run 25 miles and lift and cross train.  Abs twice.

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Posted by: Ingrid | January 6, 2016

Bumpdate: 22 Weeks

Due Date: Forever from now… May 11, 2016.

Weight Gain: 9-9.8 pounds

Symptoms: Headaches, random vomiting.

What’s different this time: Parts of the pregnancy seem to be going quickly, unlike other times.  I am also trying to find more ways to enjoy this final pregnancy.

Cravings/Aversions: For the sake of our budget I am going to have to give up my expensive cravings (i.e. blue cheese).  Hopefully I am at the point where I can be rational about this.  Aversions: peanut butter, cereal, pancakes, cookies.  Plain yogurt is sounding good.  So is pineapple.

Sleep: Sleeping well.

I am loving: The fact that I have been organizing parts of the house (slowly) and that they seem to be staying cleaner than normal.  It helps that we banished Legos from our reading nook area.

I am grateful for: A warm house and a bunch of new books that I am reading.  I am also glad that I am really half way through this pregnancy (in case it takes an entire 42 weeks).

I miss: Running without being pregnant.  Winter running already demands more prep than I like to get outside, but then you add the extra things necessitated by pregnancy and it feels like I will never make it out that door.

Milestones: First bumpdate of the new year.  22 weeks marks the end of month five.  Baby is now purportedly a full pound in size.  It is crazy to think that it took a full 22 weeks to get to a pound and then he’s supposed to gain another half pound in the next 2 weeks.

Best moment this week: My first run back on Monday, 8 miles with some fartleks thrown in (“What did you call them???” Asked Husband.)

I am stressing over: Whether I will be able to find a daycare spot for our newborn in the fall and running in the snow and cold.

Movement: Lots and lots of movement.

It’s a: Boy.

Exercise: Last week I didn’t run at all, purposefully.  Did weights, the bike and elliptical, abs, and took an awesome spinning class with a friend.

Diet: I am trying to eat better snacks: fruit, yogurt, nuts, etc. and less salt.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week: I am hoping to get past the 30 mile mark and do 2 workouts from New Rules of Lifting for Women.  Of course, we are getting more snow and another cold front tomorrow, so those plans are not in stone.

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Posted by: Ingrid | January 1, 2016

New Year, New List

I lovely a newly minted year almost as much as I love a good list of resolutions.  Unfortunately, while on overdrive today I threw away my 2015 planner where I had scribbled out my resolutions, forcing me to reconstruct them (or a good portion of them) from memory.

Since it is 2016, 16 resolutions seemed both do-able and appropriate.  And so, I give you:

Resolutions 2016

  1. Read 50 books. Recommendations always welcome!
  2. Enjoy the rest of pregnancy #4 and have a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby. Four and a half months to go!
  3. Refinish the back porch and make pallet furniture. This must happen this year.
  4. Find 6 sustainable homesteading type activities to implement. I wish I could raise chickens, I really do.
  5. Travel to South Dakota to see family.  I lived in South Dakota ages 2-8 but have not been back since I was 15. Road trip for 6 coming up in the summer!
  6. Write some sort of will or living trust or whatever one responsibly puts in place when one has scads of children. Without spending a million dollars on it, preferably.
  7. Take a parenting class.
  8. Transition to non-pregnant running and PR in something. I want a good solid PR this year.  I need this.
  9. Catch up on the baby books that I have not touched all year. I think I can…
  10. Lose the baby weight plus 3 pounds. I will have 3 months between baby and Nursing Program and would love to do it then.  Verdict is out on if that will work.
  11. Be intentional about my spiritual life. I think this is getting off to a good start so far.
  12. Tighten up the budget since we are going to be making 16% less this year. So sick of budgeting.
  13. Try 36 new recipes. I think this will happen.
  14. Write at least one letter or birthday card a month. I loved doing this 2 years ago!
  15. Enter the Nursing program. Oh, so many factors involved in this one, but I at least need to try.
  16. Find an effective sustainable weight routine that gets results.  Bonus resolution: climb a rope and do a pull up. I feel like I have resolved this many times.

Superfluous and frivolous resolution: Finish all the seasons of The Office and Gilmore Girls and watch Downton Abbey as the episodes air online. Last year we had to watch four of the episodes right before they expired.  This is obviously key to the success of 2016.  Gilmore Girls is just not as much fun without girlfriends around!

Cheers to the resolution fun!

Posted by: Ingrid | December 31, 2015

Resolution Reflection 2015

I don’t think I actually put anything on the blog last year about resolutions.  They were late in coming and also, 35 resolutions ended up sounding like a good number, but who wants to be made fun of right after they resolve to do 35 things? I love resolutions. I can’t help it.  I love lists and I love setting them out at the beginning of the year.  It’s just who I am and I am okay with that.  But this year, I am pulling back.  I don’t need 36 resolutions in 2016!  I lost my list right about when I got pregnant, but conveniently found it again now that the new year is coming to a close.

The Bad – AKA the resolutions never even attempted, included:

-Going camping as a family. We almost did one weekend and then we thought better of it.

-Eating clean for 10 straight days. Ha!

-Catching up on baby books. Worth carrying over to 2016.

-Finding 2 cute outfits. After gaining weight in March, not losing it, then deciding to get pregnant, I have not wanted to spend money on clothes.

-Dating husband once a month. It’s such a nice idea, isn’t it?

The Good:

-Try three new authors. This was fun!

-Have people over once a month. I think we averaged this, and then some.  Really good since hospitality is not my forte.

-Make 12 new recipes off of Pinterest. I am very proud of this one.  I started marking the recipes I tried on the description and am up to 158 new recipes off of Pinterest and I have no idea how many out of cook books.  I LOVED this one!


-Learn to make 4 new drinks.  I am fairy certain I knocked this one out by the end of February.

-Run Boston. Done!

Boston proof

-PR in one event. Done, thanks to Boston.  Got two for my money on that one!

-Plant a garden. It was fun to create a garden space in our new home.


-Make 2 extra mortgage payments. Yes.  Now if someone could tell me how to stop paying so much in interest…

-Attend 1 play or concert. Made it to two plays and two concerts!

-Hike a fourteener. Done, though I am sad to have not been able to hike two peaks on the same day.


-Finish nursing prereqs. Finished (again).


The Incomplete:

-Read 6 non-fiction books.  I read three that I counted. 50% credit

-Read 2 parenting and one marriage book. I read one of those. 33% credit

-Compost.  Did this more or less until September, when compost (and everything else) grossed me out. 75% credit.

Final Score: 21 full resolutions and 1.58 partial resolutions. Not too bad for resolution overkill!

Posted by: Ingrid | December 30, 2015

Bumpdate: 21 Weeks

Due Date: May 11, 2016

Weight Gain: 8.2 pounds

Symptoms: Not much to complain about other than getting bigger.

What’s different this time: I just had my second prenatal visit, at almost 21 weeks.  This is the first time I’ve ever only had one appointment in the first half of my pregnancy.

Cravings/Aversions: I think I ate nearly the entire wheel of Brie that I bought for Christmas Eve.  Also, green olives sound good all the time and the 1.5 pounds of blue cheese is half full (or half empty).

Sleep: Lots of sleep.  I just need to figure out how to wake up in the mornings again so that I can have a life.

I am loving: The fact that we are almost into 2016 and that our poor dried out Christmas tree can come down.

I am grateful for: A strong heart beat at my doctor’s visit yesterday.  Baby was in the 150’s, there goes that old wive’s tale about high heart rates equaling a girl.

I miss: Warm weather, good running, my normal body.

Milestones: Last bumpdate from 2015.

Best moment this week: Christmas was great!

I am stressing over: I really want to clean and organize the entire house.  So I just need 3 days without children.  I hate the house this cluttered and messy.

Movement: This week baby boy has begun doing the double bump move.  Cute when baby is only about a pound.  Less cute when space has maxed out.

It’s a: Boy.  Time to think names.  And find a used car seat, bouncer, swaddle blankets, etc.

Exercise: I ran 31 miles last week and then had to take two days off due to travel and weather.

Diet: Okay.  Time to clean it up for the new year.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week: The weather is cold and I am completely unmotivated.  I am taking the entire week off running and just cross training.  Weights and abs twice.

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