Posted by: Ingrid | July 18, 2007

A quasi green thumb

I now have three plants to take care of. That is three more than I’ve ever taken care of and three more than I’ve managed to kept alive. Ever. So I suppose the odds really aren’t that good. I’ve never really liked gardening, it was more of my Mom’s thing. She actually liked going out and puttering in the dirt and planting things and pulling out weeds. And I… well, I liked drawing pictures of what garden would look like, flipping through plant catalogs, and enjoying the beauty of the flowers. But that was never my job, as one of the kids. My job was plant waterer, weed puller, and tomato gatherer and never when I wanted. So I don’t do plants. Especially since I forget to water them unless I write it down on my planner and Lord knows I don’t need anything added to that.

But now I have some sort of green plant that’s flourished in the corner for almost a week, a pot of bright pink Azaleas from the day of the funeral that continually drops leaves, and the most cheerful planter outside filled with Gerbera (so fun to say!) Daisies, Alyssum, and… some little pink flower. Such a happy display.

I don’t know if it’s the tie to my Mom or the taking care of something or what, but suddenly I’m wanting a little bamboo plant and some herbs as well.


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