Posted by: Ingrid | August 17, 2007

No place like home

This week has been odd. Pleasantly odd, I must hasten to add, and goodness it’s nice to have something pleasant and exciting happen in the middle of all of the other stuff.

It started on Monday, en route from the airport to my office. Grad housing was calling about an apartment that had suddenly come available. We’ve been on the waiting list a year and were told something might happen in the spring, if we were lucky. So that was a shock, especially when we found out the opening was in two weeks. All I could think about was how could I pack and clean and where would we find a dining room table and chairs and ironing board and toaster and desk…etc.

Tuesday found us looking at the apartment and deciding to take it the next day. It also left me wondering how hard it would be to move a piano up the stairs to the second floor and if my husband would melt from all the heat up there.

Wednesday changed everything when we found out that we could possible live in the Philosophy House. We were told we couldn’t have it in the spring and had crossed it off our list. But now it was an option, and for $25 more than we’re paying for our tiny studio with an abbreviated kitchen.

And Thursday we got it. I don’t have to find more furniture because the house is furnished. There are gardeners who take care of the outside and custodians who clean a good part of the inside. There is a garage to store things. The piano will not need to climb a flight of stairs. I know people in the neighborhood. DH and I can walk to our respective classes and job allowing me to collect the exciting $1 a day commuter incentive and him to save $200 by not buying a parking permit. I keep hearing its lovely inside, though I haven’t seen it. I also imagine that it will have a real stove and oven and (be still my beating heart) perhaps even a dishwasher.

Maybe we move Labor Day weekend? That’s all a bit fuzzy. And I still have to pack. But really, what an unexpected Godsend this is!



  1. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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