Posted by: Ingrid | September 1, 2007

Another goodbye

As I sit here in the chaos of our one room studio, boxes piled high around the corners I cannot help feeling a sense of sadness.  What a good little place this has been.  A good place to look back at fondly and tell stories about those first nine months in the studio where all the cooking was done in the toaster oven or in the crock pot that sat on the bathroom counter because… well, where else would it go?  We’ve been spoiled living here, in a sense.  We have had the most wonderful landlords ever, who I wish we could take with us.  Yes, this quaint little place with its warm red kitchen and wood floors and home-y-ness, this was home for our very newly married months.

I know that life is a constant progression of losses and changes and little “deaths”.  Even the good things mark the end of something else.  Even the best of changes bring with them a sense of grief for what was.

I feel like nine months has held more life change than I ever would have expected.  Goodbye, little house.



  1. I’m going to miss our little place too. I love you.

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