Posted by: Ingrid | September 4, 2007

Heat wave

I don’t think it could be termed the move from hell, though if we’d lost our sense of humor somewhere along the way it could have gone that direction very quickly. It’s a good thing that one’s sense of humor does not melt or evaporate because those blistering hot and humid, three digit days that we’ve been having all last week would have done the trick in short order.

Had we known the weather would be what it was… well, I don’t know what we would have done, but moving wouldn’t have been high up there on the list. Maybe somewhere towards the bottom. Right above painting a roof black at high noon.

The good news is, we moved. The sad news is our poor laptop got its screen broken. I was expecting the typical break-a-few-glasses-and-a-picture-frame sorts of incidents, but no, we had to go all out.

It was hot when we started at 8:00 am. It was hot when I got the keys and 9:00 and discovered that the carpet people who waited until the night before (come on, people, it’s called planning and organization) to re-carpet the apartment did not clean up. It was hotter after I finished vacuuming the apartment with the vacuum I had to borrow. It was decidedly hot when the strong wonderful amazing guys moved the furniture INCLUDING a piano, up the stairs (I don’t even want to know) to the apartment, it was also hot back at the studio where my sister and I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, but I was deeply grateful that I was not the one moving the cumbersome piano up a flight of stairs. It was hot when we finished cleaning and hot when we drove to the new place and then it was just hot and messy and full of boxes.

So the move was fun. Then, as a celebration, So cal Edison decided to have a power failure that affected our apartment for two days. Two very hot days with no power whatsoever. I could have thought of a better way to celebrate, a luau perhaps, or a day at the water park, but a power outage it was. It was so hot that you could stand still in the middle of the room with not a scrap of clothing on and still be dripping sweat onto the boxes. Not that we tried that or anything. Really.

I put away ALL of my kitchen stuff, a first since we got married. The apartment is a mess and will probably stay that way for a while. We have a lot of books. We have walls. The AC and power came back on today. I am having fun using wedding gift cards to buy things for the house. We have a real stove, a real oven and a disposal.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased. And I don’t want to move again any time soon.




  1. What a crazy last week! It’s funny to look back at it now. I think you could actually make a movie out of the last 2-3 weeks of our lives…I would watch it…only because you would be in it! LOVES!

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