Posted by: Ingrid | September 10, 2007

To sleep, perchance to dream…

Sleep comes at a price, apparently. The price of over-the-counter benadryl knock-offs, to be exact (which translates to roughly $4.99 at your local grocery store). The result was 10 hours of unconsciousness, during which I tried several times to wake up and failed miserably (someday I will wake up early and run again…). I eventually regained consciousness, due only to the fact that I had no moisture left in my body from the neck up. Woe to the non-allergic who take allergy medicine for sleeping purposes, was the lesson I was supposed to learn there, I think. But if it gets me to sleep (and life does not look nearly so horrific when I sleep) I suppose it’s worth it.

Though I might suggest that such medications change the slant of their advertising to include a wider audience. Perhaps a message that makes the following claims: Product X will clear up your allergies, give you blissful sleep, and result in overnight (water) weight loss (from the neck up).

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