Posted by: Ingrid | October 25, 2007


I happened to be exercising at the fitness center last night while some unmemorable hollywood tv show was on.  Mostly it was talking about a few stars whose homes were in jeopardy because of the Malibu fires, as if those six people were the only ones who might lose their homes.

That was interupted, however, by news of a “body treaty” that various stars and Seventeen magazine are pushing for the next year to “stop eating disorders in teens before they start.”  Apparently they’ll be giving every teen the perfect family environment as well, if they’re hoping to do that.

The gist of the project is that a bunch of stars are going to make peace with their bodies and encourage others to do the same.  From what I could tell it involved showing larger stars (what is that now, a size 8?) talking about how much they love their body and want to hold onto every curve and never lose weight next to tiny stars who talk about how they love their bodies and have been so much happier since they gained all that weight and moved up to a size 1-1/4.  I must admit to being skeptical of the whole thing, but that’s just me.

You should, however, look forward to an upcoming edition of Seventeen.  In the words of one of the dewy eyed head editors last night: “We just want our pages filled with body image positivity!”



  1. wow…

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