Posted by: Ingrid | December 21, 2007

A thank you

It wasn’t the night that I had in mind.  I didn’t intend for it to be emotional.  I didn’t intend to find the people I went to visit driving off as I pulled up to their house.  So I drove home, parked in front of the complex and did the in and out game where I park, get out, check the curb to see if I’m clear of the red curb, pull forward three inches, get out, repeat.  But normally I don’t get ahead of myself and lock the doors.  So when I got out and checked on the legality of my parking with the car running and the door slammed shut of its own accord there was a full 10 seconds before the “Oh crap” moment hit.

Locked.  All four of ’em.  I’ve never locked my keys in the car but it’s always been a fear of mine.  I never thought about locking them in the car while it was running.  I called campus safety.  Sorry, they discontinued that service a while ago.  But the operator would be happy to call a tow truck that would charge me $50 to fix the mistake that I was idiot enough to make.  I wanted to kick the car, mostly because it would hurt me for doing something that idiotic.

And then I saw the big campus safety vehicle on its nightly patrol.  And in the passengers seat was a friend of mine and former cs officer who was hanging out with the officer on duty.  While I stood with my good samaritans in the cold drizzle and waited for the AAA guy to show up, we established our connections.  Turns out that the the officer knew my husband.  It was a little odd though to be introduced by my friend as the woman who’s Clint’s wife but also as his cousin’s former roommate and the girl who dated his other cousin.  Yikes.

Eventually the door was open, the keys were released, the car was turned off.  It was one of those moments where I breathed a thank you to God.  I’m glad we have mutual friends with AAA.

And I think I might stop making fun of Campus Safety for a while.


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