Posted by: Ingrid | February 27, 2008

Of rainy race results

I ran my first 8K last Sunday morning and it rained the whole time.  My goal was 40 minutes (it was a 4.8-ish mile run) but I was secretly hoping for a bit under that.  My race stats ended up

37:30 minutes/7.32 minute miles
219th finisher out of 1353
44th woman out of 717
5th woman in my age bracket

I was pretty happy, all things being equal.  Of course there was the bit of me that was a little disappointed at not having made it into the top three.  But if I had I’d be upset at not placing first, so this is probably best.

I felt like I was going to throw up as I crossed the finish line, so I know that I gave it my best.  Then there were the hills, and the rain… I ran the whole thing in an orange poncho that I tied off 80’s style at my waist.  But of course I still got wet.

There is something amazing and holistic and integrated about running and being able to call on your body to do certain things; push harder, run faster.  There’s something about caring for and taking care of my body and then asking it for more and seeing it meet the challenge.  It feels incredible.



  1. I am beginning to understand the last paragraph, as I come to run a little more and a little more. There’s something about knowing how much your body can do, how far it can go, and a good feeling when it does more than you had thought…

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