Posted by: Ingrid | March 5, 2008

To the land of ice and snow (and $600 heating bills)

Michigan came and went and now we’re a sixth of the way into March *shakes head in disbelief*. So before too much time passes, a snapshot of Michigan with photos to follow sometime.

Have you ever noticed how close you feel to God during take off and landing? There’s something about a big cumbersome plane’s defiance of gravity and the fragility of human lives that always makes me catch my breath. I survived the midnight flight thanks to half an Ambien. Blissful ignorance from LAX to Detroit was the way to go.

Upon landing and finally getting outside my first thought was some combination of, “Good glorious heavens do people actually live here?” and “Where did the palm trees go?” Once I had been there a few hours I realized that it was actually very nice and I could live there if we were ever to move and I think that snow and winter is very very pretty in its stark and barren way.

It snowed on Friday. Real flakes drifting to the ground. The other days it warmed up to the 40’s and was really quite comfortable. It was interesting to be in a place where turtlenecks make sense.

Mostly we slept for long glorious periods of time in a very comfortable bed (ten hours anyone?), drank lots of sugar free hot chocolate (You have to get 8 glasses of water somehow, right?), talked, and ate at restaurants (which is difficult and frustrating when you’re trying to stick to a gluten free diet). I met Brother Perry Stone via the TV and watched as The Bait of Satan became kindling for the fire. I didn’t get a picture of the book burning which made me sad. I have exactly one (1) friend who would have appreciated the visual.

The house we stayed at was amazing, complete with secret passage, four floors, and a library with two stories and a circular staircase. It was beautiful. It also left me feeling vaguely out of sorts, lost in limbo between friends with children and the friends with money and lots of thoughts about the life styles of both.

I’d been told before I visited that people in California were a lot thinner than people in Michigan (the term “corn fed babes” was, I believe, used). Maybe that is true on some level, but the most apparent difference to me was that people there don’t seem as afraid of getting older. I saw fewer women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s who were tanned and tucked and svelte and trying to look 21. It was kind of nice.

Flying back into LAX at midnight the city was spread out like silver and gold beads flung to the ground and arranged in patterns. It was lovely and mysterious in a way LA seldom is.


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