Posted by: Ingrid | March 15, 2008


I was delighted to find in the mail this afternoon a $50 gift card to Kohl’s that I’d earned through a survey website.  After basking in the potential of my newly acquired piece of plastic I proceeded to clean out my purse, where I discovered no less than 21 other gift cards, most of them unused.  How pathetic.  At any given moment I could splurge at Bath and Body Works or Coldstone or Williams and Sonoma or Regal Cinema or Borders or Victoria Secret or Marie Callender’s.  But I can never quite get past the fact that to use the gift card is to destroy the potential.  The possibility of $5 at Starbucks is so much more exciting and open-ended than the skinny grand cinnamon extra hot latte with extra foam that the barrista pushes across the counter and I’ve drunk within the hour.

Is that strange?  I think it must be, since gift cards are hailed as a sort of practical gift that everyone can use, not a collection that’s supposed to comprise half the weight of your purse.


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