Posted by: Ingrid | May 1, 2008

A benchmark, a realization, and an apology

I don’t always appreciate my body enough. More often than not I find myself fighting against it or wondering why it won’t do what I want it to. Why it never measures up. Why it never looks like I think it should. Why it’s so darned ungloriously normal. My body and I (sometimes we feel just that separate) are often not on the best of terms although we’ve come to a point at least where we keep speaking to each other even when something’s off. And if that all sounds a little weird, well, live with it.

I was signed up for a free fitness test through our Kinesiology Department this morning. The words fitness and free were what really caught me. A fitness test and they’re not going to ask me to sign up for a gym membership later? Sign me up! The test was done by a very encouraging and friendly girl who made the whole experience fun. And this is what I learned.

Height: 5’6.5″ (totally not true, I’m shorter than that by 3/4″ but I was so afraid I’d be 5’5.5″ that I think I messed that one up a bit. There may have been tiptoes involved. Maybe.)

BMI: 20.8 with my fake height/21.3 at real height

Flexibility: arms- above average/legs- low average

Bench press: Well below average

Sit ups: Above average

Body fat%: 16.4 (plus or minus 3%. I’m thinking we’ll go with plus on this one.)

Vo2 Treadmill test: Way above average (guess I’m cleared to run that half marathon in two days)

Knowing all of that about my body, what it can do, what I can work on ( cough stretching and weights cough), that it’s strong and healthy and performing well, really made me appreciate what I have. It made me want to take care of myself better and to work more with my body and less against. Isn’t it amazing how we’re put together and how we function? How incredibly beautiful!

And to my often under-apreciated and sometimes beat up body, I just want to say, Thank you. You’re amazing! I’m sorry.





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