Posted by: Ingrid | June 19, 2008

My daily spam

One of my first tasks in the morning is to sort through all of the spam that has been corralled into the university’s handy spam catcher. Most of the time it’s tedious but it does have its moments.

Become a new man! (I really don’t think my husband would appreciate that.)

How to legally rob the bank (Um…)

Can shamanism help you? (Yikes! I have no idea. Can it?)

Over 40? Single? Still looking? (Nope. No. Definitely not. Obviously you know me well.)

Baldness is now optional (What a relief, that was starting to keep me up at night.)

SECRET SALE!!!! (Nice to have that advertised in all caps, eh. Kind of like yelling about secret?)

Effortlessly drop 20 pounds in 30 days (What! There’s a way to burn an additional 70,000 calories in the span of 30 days? No way!)

You are nominated for a bachelors (And to think I went the long four year road last time. All I needed was a nomination? Who knew?)








Sometimes you just have to find amusement in whatever you can.



  1. Hilarious!

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