Posted by: Ingrid | August 20, 2008

So thankful

In the midst of today’s “family sick day” which was taken in honor of Clint getting his wisdom teeth out (Did you know that they use a HAMMER to loosen your teeth?  Did you know that the person can be fully conscious and joking with the dentist during the procedure?  Did you know that Vicodin does not put my husband to sleep?  I’ve amassed a veritable wealth of knowledge today.) and having a friend over for lunch and playing the piano, reading, journaling, trying to figure out how to remember definite articles, making banana bread, going to see a movie at the dollar theater…  In the middle of that I mostly didn’t take much time to think about the fact that 4 years ago today I walked out the doors in Monroe Louisiana and no longer belonged to the category of “troubled girls dealing with life controlling issues”.  Four years.  I cannot believe that so much has happened.  I’m sure that I’ll think about it more later.  But for now I want to thank God that I’m here and not there.


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