Posted by: Ingrid | September 1, 2008

Tired, but done.

I finished my second half marathon. You would think it would be easier than my first and in some ways it was. In other ways… well, I wasn’t sure I’d make it past 6.5 miles.

First there was the getting up at 3:30 am. Ridiculous even with a cup of coffee at hand. Fortunately there was enough adrenalin pumping that I bounced out of bed. The start was at 6:00, after the announcer finished proposing to his girlfriend (very sweet). There were 5 corrals and I was very thankful for a prior half marathon time that landed me in corral A. Because just waiting for the gun time was hard enough, I can’t imagine waiting a whole half hour past that just to get to the starting point. But with a rumored 15,000 people in attendance, what else are you going to do?

Disneyland itself was fun, colorful, and fast. And empty! I always should go when it’s so un-crowded. It was lovely. I chose to run with a pacer, and I have to say she was AMAZING. She kept us running sub 8 minute miles almost the whole time, talked to us, encouraged us, and was having a great time. It was exhausting though. When I saw the clock at 23 minutes for our 5K time I freaked out a little. That’s how long it took me to run my first (and only) 5K a little over a year ago and I thought at that time that I was going to be sick. This time I was going to run another 10 miles. Right. I have to admit, I got to mile 10 and all I could tell myself was that I could run it in 1:45 and then I wouldn’t have to run for 2-3 weeks, per my physical therapist’s orders. Then it was mile 12 and people were yelling and cheering and suddenly I rounded the bend and saw the finish line, O blessed sight.

I finished in 1 hour, 43 minutes, and 21 seconds and set a PR! I was so glad to be done but it was worth it. I was 9th in my age group and the 67th woman to cross the finish line.

I’m so proud of myself and all of our group for finishing!

The medals were amazing…

But not nearly as amazing as the post-run breakfast.



  1. You are so totally amazing…and stinking fast! I feel like running out into the streets and shouting, “I know her!!!”

  2. Yay, Ingrid!
    I looked at my phone as I got to church, and realized that you had finished before I even got out of bed… !

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