Posted by: Ingrid | September 9, 2008

Menu muddle

I sort of suck at menu planning. Well, not the planning, per se, but the menu follow through. Meaning that I love making lists and finding recipes and shopping for the ingredients, but then with weekly schedules that change so frequently, what I plan may or may not get made. Or I might end up cooking on a day I didn’t expect to cook, so nothing is prepped or defrosted. So this is my attempt to get more organized in this area, since I know that one day there will be kidlets running around and I can see the menu becoming mac and cheese with hot dogs, mac and cheese with hamburger, mac and cheese with tuna… (oh, the horror!) Currently, it’s perfectly fine that I forgot to peel and de-vein the shrimp ahead of time for last night’s curry. All it meant was a chance for Clint to read out loud to me about medieval eudaimonism. But throw some screaming and hungry children into the mix and…oy! Plus I think it will be fun to have some record of what I made, how we liked it, and to take some pictures.

September 8-14

Monday: Shrimp Curry recipe from Fitness Magazine

               Steamed rice

               Salad with avocado

Tuesday: Pre-cook Chicken tortilla casserole for leftovers

Wednesday: Both of us are gone… no cooking!

Thursday: Lentil ham soup (crock pot cook book)

                  Bread with melted cheese/fresh basil/sliced tomatoes

Friday: Clint at work, veggie burger/salad/baked sweet potato fries

Saturday: Breakfast: waffles with strawberry sauce

                 Lunch: Thai peanut butter noodles with chicken


                            Egg rolls?

                 Dessert for girls night: Double layer pumpkin cheesecake

Sunday: Tacos (ground turkey/cheese/taco fixings)

               Spanish rice





  1. ha! I pulled that shrimp curry recipe out of Fitness too. Was it as good as it looked?

    Tonight I made this:

    It was delicious, but I recommend doubling the brushetta part. Mmmm.

  2. Jess, I really liked the curry, though I made the mistake of using shrimp that I had to devein and peel, which was way too time consuming. I had to estimate with some of the spices (didn’t have a couple and had to substitute). It cooked quickly and tasted really good (and was pretty!). I would make it again, but with shrimp that are not quite as high maintenance.

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