Posted by: Ingrid | October 5, 2008

Last Weekend: A recap

Last weekend Clint was invited on a weekend retreat with the other youth group leaders at Grace.  I went as a tag-a-long (or maybe as a pre-youth group leader, since I’m with the second and third graders?)  We drove up to Thousand Pines Christian Camp, about 4000-5000 feet up.  Low enough to be warm but high enough to see the stars.  I had a few run-ins with my perception of what a retreat should be (Silence, unstructured time, journaling, T.S. Eliot) versus what a retreat of youth leaders looks like (Massive bags of M&Ms open at all times, paintball,  s’mores, games, girls and boys dorms) but enjoyed it regardless of the internal confusion.

My favorite part by far was my run by lake Gregory Saturday morning.  I ran down the hill

to the lake a mile below.  The hill was awful running down and I couldn’t breathe coming back up.  I forgot all about the elevation difference and the steep grade until I got back to camp and was still trying to catch my breath.  When I started it was still pre-sunrise

but soon enough the sun began to rise over the tree tops

making the trees a brilliant shade of green and glistening off the water.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a more beautiful or rewarding 6 mile run.  A sunrise by the lake as I ran on a dirt path through the forest?  Bliss.

There was also paintball

which I attended as a photo journalist.

And even a little time by myself

with the heavy stillness and bright sunshine and rustle of leaves

under the vast blue canopy of sky.


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