Posted by: Ingrid | November 7, 2008

I think I’m back

Wow. I feel like I’ve been gone a very very long time. I’d personally like to blame it all on the Talbot retreat, which was really good and really fun and in some ways a profoundly healing experience that I really meant to blog about.

Except then we thought we were unexpectedly pregnant. I mean really thought we were. So much so that I was having symptoms that I didn’t even know could be signs of pregnancy until I googled them (thanks internet!). So then I had to get myself excited about something very unplanned that I couldn’t talk to most people about, which involved spending a lot of time finding cute maternity running clothes online and checking to see which running strollers were safe but wouldn’t break the bank.

But then we weren’t pregnant. See if I ever trust what I think my body is telling me again.

So after finding all of the really cute maternity running shirts that I wanted to buy and getting excited that what sometimes feels like a very mundane and very boring existence was about to be shaken up dramatically by something good and a little scary and oh-so-unplanned, I felt like I was dropped abruptly back into the same old routine. School. Work. Homework. Try to keep in touch with other people who are too busy. Wonder what life is going to look like next summer. Scramble on my weekends trying to do cleaning, shopping, church, homework. Wake up. Repeat.

So that knocked me out for a while.

Then I got sick.

We seem to finally be returning to the regularly scheduled program of our oh-so-planned-out lives. For someone who has been a planner and organizer all of her life I’m finding this oddly annoying.

Not too much has changed in the time I’ve been gone, except for minor incidents like my husband discovering that there is an entire cabinet in our kitchen devoted to baking supplies (I’m really not sure where he thought the chocolate chips in the banana bread kept appearing from). This means that I am going to have to find new places to hide the chocolate frosting and chocolate chips so that he can’t eat them before I do. Preferably in a place in plain sight as that apparently works the best.

But I’m back now, I think. And that feels good.



  1. Ok, I can’t stand it, I want to know what made you think you were pregnant…email me?

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