Posted by: Ingrid | November 10, 2008

See Jane run. See Jane get the tech shirt. And the medal. And the ice cream. And the sweatshirt. And the free breakfast.


It was a dark and stormy morning.  Having rained the night before (I did not sign up for this sort of weather!) it continued to be gloomy with a bone-chilling wind.  It was cold.  And then it was cold and a little bit rainy as well, which does not bode well for people looking to run 13.1-26.2 miles.


We were told that there would be lots of porta-potties.  And there were some… but even more people waiting to use them.  Which is why I never made it to corral B where I was supposed to start and ended up somewhere in C or D, which is where I was when the gun was fired.  They were right about one thing -they do start on time!  But since I was supposed to not be taking it too seriously that was probably good.


I ended up borrowing my sisters capris, which I thought would be a good compromise between my running tights and shorts.  Then I realized that they were just a short version of tights which means that they’re… tight.  Yikes!  But I also have decided, after running in them for 13 miles, that I must get a pair because, once you get past the wedgie factor and the self-conscious feeling that everyone must be staring at your rear end, they are the best and most comfortable things ever. 

The run itself is one I would recommend.  Nice and flat course, and on a lot of newer trail that they’ve built.  It was very pretty, especially when the sun came out around mile 4, and there was even some fall color in the trees.  I didn’t plan this run out very well, but I ended up dividing it four sections, which seemed to work well.  I didn’t plan out the water/food intake well though, and I probably ended up a little dehydrated.  The last couple of miles, as my headphones were dying, I was fortunate to be joined by an older marathon vetran (70 marathons!) who was doing the full and kept me thinking about something other than the fact that my ankle was freezing up and I was feeling nauseous. 

I was so glad to be done. img_1756

Here I am, finishing at 1:46.02.  I look like I’m sort of dancing a jig on the finish line.  I promise I wasn’t.  It was faster than I thought it would be, but I look forward to the day when I can do a half in 1:30.  That would be cool.


All done.  Still sick.  And suddenly aware that it is very very cold.


I felt too sick for the ice cream and the breakfast, but I have to admit, I got lots of fun stuff.  This was my third half marathon, and I’m almost tempted to stick with this distance for a while rather than doing another marathon.


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