Posted by: Ingrid | January 4, 2009

I could be a gym rat if someone else would fund it

This Christmas Clint and I have had the novel experience of being gym members.  For 30 days, we get to try out 24 Hour Fitness free of charge.  Of course you have to sit through the sales pitch, but it’s all worth it in the end, especially for someone like me who tends to freak out as soon as the fitness center closes its doors for 18 days over Christmas break.  That’s a long time to only run, walk, or do 5 pound hand weight exercises.  I like options, I like cross training, and it makes me a little nervous when my options are… limited.  So I googled 24 Hour Fitness and, TA DA! free trial membership.

Aside from knowing that I can use any machine that I want on any day of the week, I discovered the class schedule.  This has been a lovely thing for me, since I tend to fly solo on my workouts.  Last week I got to the gym in time for a spinning class.  We adjusted our bikes, the lights were dimmed, the music was turned up loud, and we rode hard for the next hour.  It was amazing!  I loved having someone up front yelling out what we were going to do next, even if I only understood one out of every ten words.

Today, after deciding that running was going to be postponed until tomorrow, I made my way to another spinning class.  Unfortunately, this one was quite full, as the rather rude instructor made clear.  “Are you on the list?  Because there’s a list at the front.  You can’t do the class if you don’t sign up on the list?  Did you put your name on the list?”  So I ended up in kick boxing.  Logical, of course.  I’m sure I looked ridiculous, but it was so fun and funny and a fantastic workout.

There was a lifting class right afterwards that was great and so much more thorough than my personal foray into the free weight section tends to be.  Besides, any class that begins with Alanis and ends with Loreena McKennitt is okay by me.

It’s probably good that this doesn’t last past January 17th.  Already I’m looking at my work schedule and trying to figure out how many classes I can get to and if I really need to cook dinner for my husband on most nights of the week.  I mean really, pilates or pork chops?  Does the question even need to be asked?


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