Posted by: Ingrid | January 27, 2009

Pregnancy: Week 12

Weight: 129.8 (up 0.2)/B:37.5 (same)/W:26.5 (up 0.5)/H:35.5 (same) T: 20.5 (same)  I think I’m losing my waist.  Possibly my mind too, but it’s not like I measure that part of me.
I don’t think I need them quite yet.

11 weeks 1 days-

So now I can officially say that I’m in my 12th week. Still dealing with some nausea despite the Zofran. Yesterday I only made it through half the day at work and threw up several times. Fun! 13 days until I feel better, right? Because that is totally a guarantee… I wonder when this whole pregnancy things starts feeling more like I’m growing and housing a new life and less like the invasion of the body snatchers. Maybe when there’s a bump to talk to and rest my arms on?

Regarding running at the end of the first trimester, the run always gets better at the end but you never quite lose the feeling that you need to pee. How annoying is that? Thank God for the porta potties that will be everywhere at the half marathon. It helps a little when I think that my uterus is now the size of a large grapefruit and the baby will be 3 inches long at the end of the week. Well, it almost helps.

I found out that my best friend from second grade (!), who’s just a few months older than I am is expecting her first in the summer. So exciting to find out that I found out the day before Thanksgiving, she found out the day after and our due dates are August 5 and 10! Suddenly I wish I lived in Fresno.

11 weeks 2 days-

A note to self: DO NOT HAVE A TEN POUND BABY. Another note to self: DO NOT EAT BY YOURSELF AT A RESTAURANT WHILE PREGNANT. I saw Heather, Joel, and the brand new Nathaniel Theodore last night. Everyone (except Nathaniel, who was happily nursing) was exhausted but he was just beautiful. Babies are amazing. Birth is amazing.

The restaurant mistake occurred because I had to kill time and get dinner. Corner Bakery was nearby but a salad and soup? That didn’t sound good at all. 1 panini (770 calories) a serving of chips (200?) and a pickle later and I was sincerely regretting my decision. Good thing I ran 7 miles and walked the 2 miles round trip to work. Yikes!

I used to love things with tomato in them; soups, sauces, even tomato juice. Now I think about it and want to throw up. And I am still craving sushi from Trader Joe’s! Make that sushi, pizza, tamales, and plain yogurt.

11 weeks 3 days-

I had so much energy last night it was amazing! I actually made it to the fitness center for cardio and weights (gotta’ hit the weights more often!), walked home, and cleaned up the house! This morning I feel good too and I’m hoping that this continues over the weekend. By the time I come back to work I will be officially 12 weeks 0 days. Psychologically it helps me so much to think that I only have about 28. 5 weeks left rather than 30. I just wish I could just gain 0.5 pounds per week for the rest of the pregnancy. Then I would top out at around 145. I could totally do 145. I bet it would come off fast too.

Two weeks from the half marathon and I am still running 5 days a week and getting in my 30-32 miles. Running is a little harder, and the extra minutes that it takes annoy me, but I try to be okay with being slower. I look forward to changing up the routine a bit after I get into the second trimester.

I saw a friend’s blog today, with pictures of h er new baby. It was nice to look at the pictures and find myself excited. We’re going to have one of those too! They are awfully cute. Clint’s going to be such a good dad and I… despite being terrified of this whole thing, am going to be okay.

11 weeks 4 days-

I know that people are super tired when pregnant. I’m beginning to think though, that maybe some of my tiredness and not feeling well has something to do with not knowing my limits. I was talking to a friend after crashing at 4:00, laying on the bed, unable to do much more than hold up the phone. “I’m so tired.” I moaned. “Well, pregnancy will do that to you.” She replied. “But I made it through my ten mile run and mile long cool down, and I lay out for an hour and went shopping with a friend for a couple hours…” I began, and then I realized just how ridiculous that sounded. Who wouldn’t be tired!?

On an interesting (to me) side note, it has been 2 months exactly since my last binge. A friend of mine once said that she thought the best thing for my eating disorder at the time would be to get pregnant. I still don’t agree with her, but it’s interesting how pregnancy impacts life. I think that might be a record too, maybe the first time since I was 11 or 12.

Weekly mileage: 30 miles

11 weeks 5 days-

As I approach the end of 12 weeks I am more and more in awe that there is a little tiny person inside of me. After seeing several friends’ babies this week, that concept is even more real and incredible. There is a little person whose framework has mostly been formed at this point. He or she just needs to get a good deal longer and heavier. A little tiny person… wow.

12 weeks 0 days-

Wow. Twelve weeks. How crazy is that? I think back to six weeks ago when I wondered if all of this would be a reality. Was I really going to make it to twelve weeks? It’s so exciting to know that the baby is mostly formed and just needs some inches and pounds added on. There is no bump yet, which means, although I’ve had weeks and weeks of feeling fat, I still have the fun “now I look fat” stage coming up, probably in the next few weeks. It was reassuring to step on the scale and see 129.4 today. Twelve weeks and my weight is hitting numbers that were on the high end of my normal weight fluctuation spectrum. I can live with that and I know that there is some real weight gain coming up in my future. Though I have to admit, part of me thinks that if I could just gain half a pound a week I would top out at 144. Must let go of weight goals…


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