Posted by: Ingrid | January 27, 2009

Pregnancy: Week 8

Weight: 128.6/B:37 (same)/W:26.25 (same)/H:35.5 (same)



I love the fact that we’re holding the pictures in two different directions.


I have been nauseous most of the day. I missed a run because of the rain and I’m a little worried that I won’t be able to get myself to the fitness center like I’m supposed to. I hate how my body feels right now. I wish I could be at home in my pajamas. There was a reason I didn’t want to be pregnant until I had the option of working part time. Oops.


This all day nausea is amazing. It’s so deceptive in making me think that it will just go away if I eat something, but then it doesn’t. I can’t believe that I can eat something for lunch and then smell the same food in the evening and want to throw up. All of the food that I made over the past few days because it sounded good was unacceptable when it came to packing my lunch for today. Just thinking about the choices made me feel queasy. That’s when you pack basic stuff; fruit, cheese sticks, bagels, and hope for the best.

I had an amazing 7 miler today. It was beautiful and cold and I felt energetic. I think I feel less sick on days I manage to get outside in the morning.


My office almost got an impromptu pregnancy announcement as we got ready for a taco lunch together. How can things that smell so good make me feel so sick? I didn’t think I could get through lunch. Went out, threw up, came back, felt better, but not for long. I can make it one more day. I can.


I’m amazed that I can feel this nauseous for this long. It’s just a low grade icky-ness with a bout of throwing up here and there. Fun! I have to admit that by my estimation the first trimester is enough to put me off of procreating for the rest of my life! Four children? You have got to be kidding me. True to form we have told many many more people at this point than I ever thought we would! I hope that all goes well. We have our first doctor’s appointment (finally) tomorrow and suddenly I’m thinking of all the things that could be wrong that I wouldn’t know about yet.


Last night I was worried about having to fast 14 hours before my blood test. I shouldn’t have been concerned. I fell asleep at 7:00, woke up at 10:30, and went to bed at 11:00. If that’s not enough to make me feel like I’m going crazy, the way I’m going through saltines might be. Darned nausea.

In happier news, WE SAW THE HEARTBEAT!!! Went to the doctor and saw an amazing nurse practitioner who answered all the questions I threw at her and had a great sense of humor to boot! Regarding running, she said it was fine. Regarding coffee, she said I could drink 1-2 cups! Regarding weight gain, she said that while 25-35 is normal, there would be no reason, if I’m very active to be concerned if I gained less than that. She said there would only be problems if the baby wasn’t growing at the correct rate or if I gained less than 15 pounds the entire pregnancy. Thank you!

It was just amazing to see the baby, to see what looked like arms, and to see the little light flashing, indicating the heart beating. Our baby has a heart beat! It looks like I’m right on with my dates. I figured today was the end of the 8th week, 7 weeks 7 days. The baby measured 7 weeks 6 days in one picture and 8 weeks 1 day in the other. The only down side to all that is the fact that I have potentially another 5 weeks of nausea. Yuck. I was 129.6 in 3 pounds of clothing on the doctor’s more than gracious scale. I’m considering my starting weight to be 127-130. Good enough for me. They also took scads of blood and I had to take a blood sugar test. Good times. But a heartbeat…? Oh my word, how very very cool!



  1. Yay for heartbeats! It is the best thing EVER to suddenly realize that that thing inside you is an alive little person! 🙂

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