Posted by: Ingrid | January 28, 2009

No teeter-totters for the pregnant lady

I’m learning that I can’t swing to extremes while pregnant and still feel good. It’s seems intuitive, but it’s still hard to get used to. I know when I should get to bed, even when (like last night) I don’t get there in time. 11:00 is way too late for me now, and when my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning there was the fleeting reminder that I was supposed to get up and get to the fitness center, followed almost immediately by the knowledge that if I really could get myself out of bed and my eyes open I would either end up feeling sick during the day or just be exhausted by lunch time. So I went back to sleep until 7:00.

I find the same thing holds true with eating. Gone are the days when, if I’m out running errands or busy with something, that I can just wait an extra hour or two to eat. Now if I feel hungry it’s a sign that I need food NOW. And again, if I don’t get it fairly quickly I’m going to feel sick or dizzy, possibly for the rest of the day. I might have to invest in a larger purse just so that I can carry a variety of snacks. Maybe a refrigerated purse… do they make those?

In some ways this is welcome, but it’s humbling at the same time. I don’t have the same energy, I can’t get everything done, I can’t make my body go and go and go without rest, and I can’t let sleep or eating slide and still feel okay. I have to ask for help with more things now and I don’t even have the same amount of waking hours in the day now that I sleep more than seven hours a night. There’s no making up for an extreme the next day because everything catches up to me so quickly. There’s something very good about that, I suppose, being forced to slow down and live differently. I have to sift through and prioritize and accept that everything is just not going to get done. Pregnancy has made very imminent what I’ve been trying to move toward for years. There is no wondering if, perhaps next month, I should slow down a bit or change things, it has to happen now on a very daily very mundane level.


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