Posted by: Ingrid | February 2, 2009

Stats and Pictures

Here’s the long and short (with some pictures thrown in) of the Surf City half marathon that I ran this Sunday at 13 weeks 5 days pregnant. 

Finishing time: 1:52.21 (first half marathon I ran was 1:55, best time, in August, was 1:43)

Finishing place among participants: 1746 out of 10, 743

Finishing place among women and age group: 541 of 6513 women, 110 of 1187 (made it into the top 10%!)

Average pace: 8:35

Hoped for finish time: Anything under 2 hours

Number of porta-potties stopped at: 1 (knock 3 minutes off my finish time, please!)

Number of cups of vita-lite and water taken: 13

Number of hills climbed: 1 at mile 3, just as the sun came out and was in my face.

Number of negative comments after people saw the “4 Months Pregnant” part of my shirt: 0

Number of positive comments: I lost count!

Funniest comment: I passed a 20-something guy at mile 7 and he said, “I wish my momma’d run with me so that I wouldn’t have to do this now!”

Point at which my legs got sore: Mile 12.4

Sore areas the next day: My right rotator cuff (?!?) and one toe nail.

Number of gummy sharkies eaten because I missed the official food at the aid station: 16

Best advice I have for anyone eating gummy sharkies in the future: Don’t stick 5 in your mouth at once -you can’t breathe.

Areas of chafing: 4

Minutes I stopped smiling: 0

Music question: Does Alanis actually use the phrase “Global electrolytes” or was I just deperate for more Gatorade?

Calories supposedly burned: 2930 for me being alive and running a half marathon plus 300 for being pregnant equals 3230 for the day.

Calories eaten by 2:30: At least 1600.

Best find on the race course: Someone’s sweat drenched hat when we were running the last 5 miles into the sun.  I’m not too proud to wear someone else’s sweat when I’ve forgotten sun glasses and a hat.

Hardest part: Seeing my GPS hit 7:40 minute miles and having to pull back.

Best way to describe the finish line: Chaos.

Number of cell phones I borrowed in order to find my wonderful husband in the throng of people: 3

Amount of time spent worrying that the baby would be okay: Mile 2-4 and then the entire time the Super Bowl was on.

Best moments from the run: The runner’s high that I had the entire time, the fact that there was no pressure to finish in a certain time and that 13 miles never felt so good, running with 10,000 of my closest friends (which is how events like that feel even if you don’t run with anyone specifically), the fog at the beginning and the sun coming out at mile 3, seeing the waves crashing on the beach,  running faster and more relaxed than I’ve felt in ages,  seeing my husband at the end.

Would I run another half marathon pregnant?  Oh yeah!


The view from 13 weeks 5 days.  Still no bump.


Ready to run!


img_2220 img_2218

The side shot.  Still not showing.


The chaotic starting line.


I’m done.

img_2230 img_2232

Balance in all things, even post race beverages.  Me and my Sweetheart.


A paradigmatic Surf City day.

img_2239 img_2242

Breakfast at 11:30.  Finally. 


A beautiful breakfast moments before I inhaled it.


The finishers: warm, fed, and in desperate need of a shower.


The shirt, number, and very cool finisher’s medal.



  1. I’m glad you had fun! I wish I could think running is as fun as you do. 😉

  2. Wow, that’s awesome that you ran Surf City pregnant. I always admire women who do that.

  3. could you feel the movement of your uterus inside? did this movement do anything to your balance, or stride?

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