Posted by: Ingrid | February 3, 2009

Pregnancy: Week 14

Weight: 130.6 (down 1 pound)/B:37 (same)/W:27 (same)/H:35.5 (same)/T:20.5 (same)

img_225613 weeks 6 days

13 Weeks 0 Days-

I’m used to people (myself included) making statements like, “Ugh! I’m so bloated I look pregnant!” I never thought there would come a day when I’d differentiate and think, “Ugh! I’m so bloated, why can’t I just look pregnant?”

I’m turning into a carbo monster. My meals have become unbalance and packing for work? Well, I just throw in the bread, and pita bread, and tortillas, and lots of oatmeal packets as well as the other stuff that I may or may not eat. Hopefully one of these days I’ll even things out and start doing something like eating my vegetables.

13 Weeks 1 Day-

Today it hit me as I looked in the mirror at the pudge around my stomach and found myself wondering when my stomach was going to go back to what I was used to, that it probably won’t. For some reason I’ve been thinking that my body was going to go back to looking relatively normal and then sort of pop into full blown pregnancy mode.

It isn’t.

I think I’ve entered the transitional twighlight zone.

The more I read about my uterus taking up a lot more room and growing out of the pelvic area and thinking about the organs that it’s displacing and pushing up it makes sense. I just thought I’d have a chance to say goodbye to normal before it disappeared.

I knew there would come a point where things would stop fitting the same (Like my pants! My pants have never ever fit at the waist.) but it’s disconcerting all the same, maybe because it’s more of a Pillsbury dough girl stomach than one that screams Hello I’m pregnant! from a mile away. Though a screaming stomach? I would find that disconcerting too. I miss my abs. And my hip bones, for that matter. I’ve hardly gained any weight but it’s amazed me how my body has repositioned what I had to begin with.

I feel old. I’m suddenly noticing that I’m sore all the time. My hips are sore, my back is sore at the end of the work day. I’m used to feeling sore only when I’ve had an exceptionally long or hard workout so this just seems strange. I’ve also noticed sharp occasional pain to the sides of my stomach that almost feel like the skin is stretching out. Very weird and probably round ligament pain.

Edit: I realized the soreness probably had more to do with the fact that the day before I wrote that I ran 5 miles in the morning. And then walked 2 miles. And then walked another 2 miles. And then walked 2 miles in the evening. Moderation, pfffff.

The question for tonight is: will it be raisin bran or half a pizza for dinner? The verdict is still out.

13 Weeks 2 Days-

I know that people complain and joke about how, as soon as you get pregnant everyone wants to give you advice and tell you all about their experience. I have to admit though, I kind of like it! I love hearing all of the differences and similarities. It feels in a way, as though I can fumble into the originality of my own unique pregnancy just by hearing the vast range of pregnancy stories that are out there.

Today I had lunch with a friend in the cafe and I tell you, food NEVER looked or tasted that good. I’m still dealing with the aversions though and high on my safe list are pizza (even though it has tomato sauce on it), buttered toast, oatmeal, and cereal with cold milk. Can we say carbs?

13 Weeks 3 Days-

I have to admit it. I took an online tour of the two hospitals that we might be using for the birth and I wanted to cry. I have no idea why either, all the emotions were too jumbled up. I know it’s a hospital, but at the same time there’s hopeful stuff on the website: breastfeeding is strongly encouraged, skin to skin time right after birth is what they recommend, they leave you with the baby for the first couple of hours, they even give you a celebration dinner (in a hospital context that sounds suspicious, but still sort of sweet).

13 Weeks 5 Days-

The only problem with running a half marathon and being pregnant is that I can’t figure out my hunger after my body works that hard. I ate and ate but then got overly tired in the evening, got sick, and threw up. I have not missed the constant nausea. I stopped trying to count my calories by the time we got to the Super Bowl party. At the point that I’m thinking about more than 3000 calories, should I really even care?

13 Weeks 6 Days-

I’m so excited for our appointment on Thursday! I think that partly I want the relief of seeing the baby again or at least hearing the heart beat (haven’t gotten to hear it yet) and to know that everything is okay and that having a crazy running mom hasn’t damaged the baby any.

I really wish I was showing. I have several cute maternity things that I can’t wait to wear, but without a bump the shirts just look silly. I’m still trying to deal with the doctor at my last appointment saying that I should only have gained 5-10 pounds by the time I’m at 20 weeks. That’s another 6 weeks and 1 day and I feel like I should be on the low end. Once you factor in 2 pounds of clothing, that means I can’t be more than 133. I don’t know that he meant to be that exact, but that’s what I heard. I’ve been jumping around 130-131, and I know that there’s some wiggle room, I just don’t know how to navigate the weight gain at all, how I need to change my eating, what I need more of, etc. Doctors are just not helpful for that. I can do my own research, but when the my food pyramid site tells me to eat 2800 calories a day… I don’t really trust it.  I don’t want to overestimate and gain too much, either. There seem to be several potential problems with gaining too little weight in pregnancy but even more with gaining too much (birth difficulties, gestational diabetes, etc.). Do doctors just expect you to know how to do this? I’d just eat when I’m hungry but I haven’t gotten to a point where I can do that on a normal day, let alone when I’m pregnant. I can count calories though, and I’m pretty sure I’d undereat if I didn’t track my calories. I’m sure I’ll figure this out eventually. Probably just in time to lose the baby weight.



  1. LOL at your last sentence. Isn’t that always the way it goes – figure something out and everything changes. 🙂

    Can I just say – don’t pay TOO much attention to that 5-10 lb figure that the doctor gave you. Every doctor has a different idea on what weight you “should” gain, and when you should gain it. And on top of that, every woman has a different amount and timetable for pregnancy weight gain. Me, I gain SCADS of weight right around 4-5 months. Seriously, like two pounds a week (and oh boy, did I ever freak out about that the first time!) It isn’t “normal” and it certainly isn’t what the doctor said to do, but it is what my body does every single time.

    All that to say, I know that you need guidelines right now and I totally respect that, but also try to cut yourself some slack and realize that your body might be on a different timetable than your doctor’s estimate.

    For what it’s worth. Are you sick of my comments yet? I’ll shut up if you’d like. 🙂 Oh, and when do you want to get together? Let’s go sling fabric shopping! Thursday nights are great if you want to pick Josiah and I up.

  2. The Pregnancy Period: Mother & Baby Safety

    Pregnancy is generally associated with joy. Safety should also be a primary concern during the pregnancy period.

    The first three months of the pregnancy period require particular care. Mothers-to-be should try to avoid medication for the nausea that is linked with pregnancy. They should learn as much as they can about pregnancy so that they are well prepared for the hormonal and body changes, mood swings, etc.

    A happy atmosphere should be maintained around the pregnant mother-to-be. She should eat well, exercise – and get ready to enjoy her motherhood!

  3. No, don’t shut up, I appreciate your comments, Em. I can’t wait to go sling fabric shopping with you and Josiah!

  4. Hee, I love hearing other people’s pregnancy stories too. I do the same thing . . . the “huh, so you’re like that . . . and you’re like that . . . and I am like THIS.” 🙂

    And yeah, I think you know you’re pregnant, not when your belly pops out, but when you try to put your hands on your hips . . . and they aren’t there to put your hands on. It’s like your waist disappears from your forward-facing profile, and it’s just a straight line from ribs to hips.

    About hospitals . . . I think most of them tend toward supporting breastfeeding and rooming in these days. With the first two (the twins were a very different story, because of their prematurity), they stayed with me the whole time (except for about four hours for our son . . . because I hadn’t slept in almost 24 hours and really needed to after giving birth – so a nurse took care of him for a few hours for me so I could sleep), and I breastfed immediately after giving birth – they’d just gotten us a bit cleaned up first – and the cleaning up happened right there within arm’s reach of me. (I thought they were both so brilliant – they were all of about 20 minutes old when they figured out how to eat!).

    Our hospital also has a cool mother-baby clinic that they have you come to a couple of days after being released, and they see how things are going . . . I had a small latch problem, and they showed me just how to fix it. Very supportive and helpful.

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