Posted by: Ingrid | February 9, 2009

Cravings, a shopping spree, and a belly envy induced pity party

I have a craving! A real honest to goodness craving that’s lasted for almost a week. I’m craving baked potatoes. In a home where half the time the potatoes go bad and started growing green tendrils off the sides before I remember that I should cook them them. That’s the kind of potato eater I normally am.

Not anymore. The craving began on Thursday. By the time I got to Saturday I was eating a potato for dinner (with non-fat sour cream, pepper, and fake low fat butter, MMMMMMMmmmmmm) and then I had one at 9:00 for dessert. As my husband and I were sitting at the opera yesterday evening he turned to me and whispered something about getting frozen yogurt. I could only look at him with pleading eyes and say, “But all I want is a baked potato.” I’m sure my cravings could be much worse. Visions of large pizzas and gallons of Ben & Jerry’s come immediately to mind.


In other news, I used more gift cards, a free shipping code, and a $10 off coupon to justify buying more clothes at More clothes that I still can’t wear, might I add. They were just so cute! Cute maternity jeans… that’s a need, right? Some of my acquisitions included:

on594761-00p01v01    on594762-00p01v01    on610625-02p01v01    on633790-00p01v01    on636705-01p01v01    on636719-00p01v01    on637495-00p01v01

Buying more cute but non-fitting clothes might also have sparked my envy episode at church yesterday. Who happened to be singing up front for the first 40 minutes of church? Only a very cute pregnant girl. She was skinny pregnant, every bit of her looked normal except for her belly which perfectly filled out her maternity shirt. Belly envy. I have it bad. So bad that I couldn’t focus the entire time she stood there. I swear that even her cute pregnant belly button that poked out of her shirt was mocking me. I’m at the stage of pregnancy where I just look fat. And big. And square. And none of my clothes fit right. I get dressed in the morning and want to run around the apartment screaming that this is not my body and I want out. Of course I don’t because that’s not a very adult thing to do. Not that whining about my changing body is much more mature, but it is quieter.

Would I like some cheese with my whine?

YES! A nice glass of chilled white wine. Right now!

And then I want a baked potato.




  1. Hee. Wear the shirts anyway. They’re new and pretty, and will probably feel better than your old don’t-quite-fit-anymore clothes anyway. And they’ll help you feel what you are (pregnant) rather than what you aren’t (fat). 🙂 Doesn’t matter if you fill them out perfectly: you ARE pregnant, so it’s not cheating to wear maternity clothes. I like the green stripy one!

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