Posted by: Ingrid | February 11, 2009

Pregnancy: Week 15

Weight: 128.6 (down 2 pounds -lest anyone worry I now seem to have settled around 132, so that was a 1 day occurrence)/B:37 (same)/W:27.5 (up 0.5)/H:35.5 (same)/T:20.5 (same)

img_2286 img_22871

img_2288 img_2290

Photos at 14 weeks 6 days.  These actually make me look much smaller than I really am.

14 Weeks 0 Days-

I thought the pukey part of pregnancy was supposed to be over by now, but judging from the past two nights, it’s not. I’m so tired of feeling sick. I’m tired of kneeling in the bathroom waiting to throw up. I’m tired of waking up at 3:00 am and trying to gauge how nauseous I really feel. I want to be able to think about eating a balanced dinner without the thought of it making me ill. I am so sick of carbs and fruit and tortilla chips.

I think it is absolutely insane that our little baby has grown about 3 inches in the first 14 weeks and will supposedly grow another 5 (!) in the next 4 weeks. Talk about a growth spurt! I find it amazing that it’s all happening inside of me right now.

I’m also excited to report that I’ve found my uterus (Am I allowed to say that word on my blog? It’s always sounded like a body part that shouldn’t be mentioned out loud, but then you get pregnant and it’s all about your boobs and your uterus.). It’s growing up towards my belly button, which I’m assuming is a great sign and is my justification for why my stomach sticks out all the time. Ha! Measureable baby growth makes me happy.

I just threw up my breakfast and breakfast number 2 is starting to feel iffy as well. Someone send the annoyed pregnant woman home, please, and tell my body that it’s not supposed to be throwing up the only things that sound palatable. Ugh. Breakfast number three also didn’t work. I think it’s time to call it a day. This is so first trimester. What happened!?!

14 Weeks 1 Day-

Today I will eat every single calorie that my calorie website says I burn. It really scared me to see my weight drop overnight, even though I knew it was all thanks to dehydration. I’m so afraid of doing something wrong or not doing quite enough for the baby. At the same time I don’t know how to do things differently.

And I have decidedly grown out of my grey work pants. I have to wear the bella band with them at all times now, which doesn’t bother me nearly as much in the 15th week as it would have in the 11th.

14 Weeks 1 Day (again)-

My weight jumped three pounds and I’m no longer worried about dehydration, just annoyed.

So we begged our way into yet another ultrasound and got to see the baby’s face. It looks like a perfect alien. She didn’t think I’d done anything bad by running the half marathon and told me I had a little leech who would take whatever it needed. No one takes my weight gain questions seriously though. And why does everyone assume that every runner must have a high metabolism? I’m so glad the baby is safe!

Oh, and I’m counting the stupid days wrong too. I’m one ahead so it’s actualy 14 weeks 1 day today. Darn it.

14 Weeks 2 Days-

I found more cute stuff on sale at Old Navy’s website. Now I’m just worried that I’ll never show! The NP yesterday told us about a co-worker who didn’t look pregnant at 38 weeks. How horrible and annoying! I just have a lot of cute maternity tops that I want to wear and they look pretty silly on me right now with no belly. And I want to look cute, darn it! If I’m goint to be pregnant I want to be a cute pregnant woman and that means this in-between stage needs to end sometime soon. Just so I can fit in the maternity clothes.

14 Weeks 3 Days-

My husband thinks it’s funny that I don’t want to get bigger and gain weight but I want to look pregnant. At this point I have several articles of clothing, either borrowed or purchased, that I can’t wear because I don’t look “maternal” enough. Old Navy is having another sale and, as the posessor of two $50 gift cards I feel obligated to shop. Such cute jeans! Hurray for more clothes that I can’t wear yet, as I shop my way (via gift cards) through this pregnancy. I figure though, that since I’ll be repeating this another 2-3 times over the next 5 or so years I’m investing in the future. Or something like that. Cute clothes will also be good incentive to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight so I can wear them again next time ’round.

I did my 9 miler today, bringing this week’s mileage to 21. It was good to have a rest week, but I look forward to bumping it back up to 30-33 miles next week.

14 Weeks 5 Days-

Round ligament pain and sciatic nerve pain seem to be my friends these days. Unwelcome friends, I have to say. At least I know what the pain is, though that doesn’t make ignoring it any easier. I’m sure streching more would probably help with something, I even borrowed a friend’s prenatal yoga video. I just really dislike making time to stretch…

14 Weeks 6 Days-

I’m starting to have trouble fitting things into my day. I’m so frustrated by my the amount of sleep that I suddenly seem to need. It feels very out of control to me and I don’t like that I’m not able to get much done in the evenings before I crash. I’ve always been frustrated that work takes the best part of my day, but being pregnant has made it so much worse. Things just keep piling up, it’s not like I get a break because I’m pregnant. I hate that my body needs things and seems so demanding right now.

I had a very weird dream last night, in which I was at the birthing facility that was set up more like a waiting room. There was a desk and the doctor was calmly doing non-bloody C-sections on the people who came up to the desk. She would pull out the babies (that looked like deflated rubber dolls) hold them up and say, “Here’s your baby.” and then stick it in the slot behind her. When I got to the desk I asked if I could wait until my due date and if we could maybe wait a while afterwards to give the baby a chance to come on it’s own. She got mad and sent me away. Who knows where that one came from. C-section phobia?



  1. Don’t know if it’ll help you, but what really took away my siatica (ack! spelling!) pain was getting on my hands and knees and doing “cat”/”cow” stretches – where you alternately arch your back (mostly your hips, really) and then tuck your pelvis (inverting the curve of your back). Doing that regularly before bed every day made all the difference in the world for me.

  2. Thanks, Jess! I will definitely give that a try!

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