Posted by: Ingrid | February 18, 2009

Pregnancy: 16 Weeks

Weight: 133.2 (up 5 pounds from last week)/B:38 (up 1)/W:28 (up 1)/H:36 (up 0.5) T: 21 (up 0.5)



15 Weeks 3 Days

15 Weeks 0 Days-

Up, up, up seems to be the trend this week.

And that’s all I have to say on that subject. I know that I’m not handling this really well right now. I feel like I’m being used as an expandable storage unit and the person isn’t even paying rent.

I think I’ve missed the happy hormones of the second trimester. I’ve been mostly angry, grumpy, frustrated, stressed, and annoyed with everyone and everything, whether they’d done something wrong or not. No, you can’t do anything different. You annoy me because you exist and that’s how I currently feel about EVERYONE. Lord help me when I have to be pregnant with a small demanding child nearby.

15 Weeks 1 Day-

I feel full all the time now, even when I’m hungry. It’s very frustrating to try to eat or drink something only to find no room for it. How am I supposed to chug the water I forgot to drink when I can’t have more than 4 ounces before feeling sick? Even eating small things throughout the day doesn’t seem to work very well and leaves me feeling very full and bloated all the time. The baby is 4″ long. This does not bode well for the next 25 weeks. Apparently he or she doesn’t realize I’m trying to eat healthily for two.

15 Weeks 2 Days-

I have eaten baked potatoes for 9 days straight now and some days have had more than one! This is apparently not a craving that’s going away quite yet. I’ve eaten more potato in the past week than I have in the last year. They at least have vitamin C and potassium and some fiber, but not much aside from that! Oh well.

I’ve officially grown out of another pair of pants, which feels just… icky. While the bella band is nice, I’m sick of feeling it around my waist.

I’m also learning how to reposition myself when I sleep, which is making for some tossing and turning. I fall asleep on my stomach and sometimes roll over on my back. Guess how pregnant women aren’t supposed to sleep. On their stomach or on their back. So I’m trying to learn to sleep with a body pillow, falling asleep with it wrapped in my arms. It at least alerts me, when I wake up and think about rolling over to either forbidden side, that I’m not supposed to do that. Unfortunately, it has yet to last last the night as I usually unceromoniously eject it, sometimes violently, from the bed at around 1:30 am. Then I toss and turn, throwing myself from side to side as I realize that I’m once again on my back or stomach, jepradizing our baby’s life. It’s not easy trying to get sleep as a pregnant woman, I tell you!

15 Weeks 3 Days-

I got in a 12 miler this morning (or rather a 4 mile run, followed by a 5 mile run, followed by a 3 mile running. Running is such a mental game, you break it down so you can deal with it for that day.  Plus when you’re pregnant you need the bathroom break/water stop between each run.  I took it nice and easy (unlike the half marathon) and my body hasn’t reacted adversely. I put in 31 miles this week, but will have to drop next week because the Brea 8K on Sunday throws off my long run for the week. The rain probably won’t help much either.

15 Weeks 5 Days-

I bet that by the time I get to 17 weeks I’ll be out of all of my work pants. My black ones are still hanging on. Barely. Another week and 2 days and I’ll be in my fifth month. That’s good, right? That I haven’t completely gone and lost it yet…

15 Weeks 6 Days-

I’ve been rained out of my runs two days in a row. It’s not until I miss a few runs that I realize what they do for my mental health. I’m feeling pretty miserable today, having thrown up 4 times between 4:00 am and 10:40 am. On to the last week of month 4, starting tomorrow. Goody.

I swear I felt more maternal while I was babysitting all through junior high and high school than I do right now. I hope that’s a phase. I was around two kids who stopped by work today (granted I’d just gotten through throwing up and couldn’t even consider drinking water so I wasn’t having the best day at that moment) and I just wanted them to go away. I did not want to hold the baby. I did not want the little girl coloring all over my desk. All I could think was that this is going to be the next lots and lots of years of my life. And then I wanted to put my head down on my desk and just cry.



  1. It does get better I’ ve had 4 children and each time was different but best thing you will do in your life becoming a mum x

  2. It’s scary. i have a 20 month old and was and still is very active, runningm hiking , working out, having fun.. And you can still do these things, they will just be not alone. You will have to accomidate to someone else, but just not anyone else, and you’ll know what i mean when you are there. Morning sickness is the pits and i can see why you feel the way you do, hopefully it will pass. Hang tough, your life does change, but for the better, and there are plenty of moms who are still active and fun!!

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