Posted by: Ingrid | February 23, 2009

Brea 8K – Sunday, February 22

Well, I’m still at it, adding minutes to each event that I run.  Oh well, it’s for a good cause (the getting slower, that is).  I have to admit, running events (especially an 8K, which is 4.8 miles and less than I normally run) while pregnant is pretty low stress.  There are none of those pre-race jitters that center around the possibility that all the conditions will be just right you you’ll PR.  Now the pre-race worries center around whether or not the stupid porta-potty line is ever going to move. 

img_2343 img_2344

Still wearing the t-shirt, still not filling it out, and still getting comments.  I have to admit, while it is sad to get slower and slower, there is still a certain… charm, shall we say, in passing non-pregnant people in an event.  Especially men.  Especially while running uphill (oh, if you like running hills, this is a great course – at least half, if not more, is uphill).  Not that running in itself isn’t satifying, but when you pass full grown, fit men walking up hills… well, I just like to think that seeing the back of my t-shirt gives them some inspiration to pick up the pace.


Here we are at the start. Still lots of room to grow into my shirt.


In the throng of people.  Waiting to run.  This was right before I realized that I was standing with the people expecting to run 6 minute miles.  Oops.  That would not be me.


The finish line before the finishers arrived.


Done and in the corral.

Last year I finished (in the rain) in 37:30 and was 5th in my age group.  This year I finished in 41.25 and was 15th.  Out of the roughly 2300 people running I came in 521 overall and 135th among women.  The fastest female runner finished in about 29 minutes, just to give you some perspective.

I finished the race with a girl who’d run her first marathon at Surf City and was having a rough running day and a mom who was six weeks postpartum.  She was very encouraging and said that she’d started walking the week after giving birth and was jogging a week later.  Her husband was waiting at the end of the course (he’d finished earlier) with the jogging stroller and their two kids.  She’d run through 5 months with her pregnancies before switching to something else and her labors were 4 hours and then 3 for her second child! 

Just to add to the incentive of this run (as if the hills aren’t enough!) they have the most amazing food court afterwards.  Normally I would have a hard time justifying such gratuitous calories, especially after less than 5 miles, but since I was pregnant it was kind of fun.  There was jamba juice, and coffee, and full slices of pizza, several kinds of tacos, samples from BJs and The Melting Pot, bagels, fruit, muffins, pasta, cake samples from Claim Jumper’s and salads from California Pizza Kitchen.  It’s almost worth the entry fee just for the food.

It was nice to run an event and not feel wiped out for the rest of the day.  Recovering from a shorter event isn’t nearly as exhausting as recovering from a half marathon while pregnant which is nice to know.  I even had enough energy to walk to the fitness center, do weights, and put in some time on the elliptical in the afternoon. 

Next event: La Habra 5K/10K March 28.  There are at least 2 other people out there who should be running that event as well.  You know who you are.



  1. At this rate I think I might WALK that event. 🙂 Except I don’t think I want to pay $25 for the privilege!

    Running doesn’t seem to fit into my life very well right now. (Nothing seems to fit into my life very well right now.)

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