Posted by: Ingrid | February 26, 2009

Pregnancy: Week 17

Weight: 136 (up 2.8)/B:38 (same)/W:29 (up 1″)/H:36 (same) T: 21 (same)

img_2357 img_2360

16 Weeks 6 Days and zero ab definition.


17 Weeks 0 Days, in a maternity top with a bump.  Yes, I know some of you will roll your eyes and tell me that I’m not really showing and just wait until I’m at 30 weeks.  But seriously, at the point that my stomach starts competing with my boobs I think I’m entitled to call it a bump.

16 Weeks 0 Days-

So I decided today that enough is enough. My goal this week is to be down to 134 by next Wednesday, the end of month 4. That is a 5 pound weight gain total and should be sufficient, as my doctor said if I’d gained 5 pounds at 20 weeks that would be fine. Personally, I think my weight will go down if I drink more water (have been bad about that recently) eat more fruits and veggies, and stopped acting like a pig, even if that’s how I feel. I’ve binged the last 3 nights in a row, and didn’t exercise Sunday or Tuesday and very minimally on Monday. It’s been a long time since that’s happened. It’s so hard for me, when I feel fat and disgusting, to eat right and get out an exercise. As I ran my 7 miles this morning (what a mood shift that gave me – thank you endorphins!) I realized that I can stay healthy and I don’t have to act this way. I know what I need to do and I can get it done.

I went looking for belly photos online last night and can’t believe how many people get to look pregnant by 16 weeks! It’s so strange to me, that I just look big while other people have gained 20 pounds by this point and look cute and pregnant.

I finally received my order from Old Navy and am thankful for their free return policy, as 1 pair of pants was the wrong color and they sent a pair of size 2 jeans instead of size 4. That’s just not the sort of mistake you want to happen when you’re already feeling fat. Hey look! I don’t fit in my new maternity jeans either! So back those go on Old Navy’s dime.

16 Weeks 1 Day-

I’m actually wearing a maternity dress today and wondering if I’m finally starting to show. Maybe it’s just the fact that all of this forgiving fabric makes my stomach think that there’s no need for it to be tucked in. My stomach is starting to look big in the morning as well as the evening, so that seems like a good sign. I settled on a maternity dress because we’re going out to dinner tonight and when I tried on my dresses… well, let’s just say that I’ve always shopped with an hour glass figure in mind, ribbons that tie around my waist to accentuate the curves and then flair out from my hips. Those dresses look kind of funny now that I’m waistless and I’ve never gone in for the empire waist look, mostly because those dresses always made me look (surprise!) pregnant. Those dresses I never bought would so come in handy right now. So maternity wear it is. And the dress is cute and comfy. It’s nice to feel good in my clothes for once.

Yesterday was a fantastic eating/exercising/getting enough water sort of day. It felt very balanced, and my weight dropped by almost a pound overnight. I think that 134 is very doable by next Wednesday, which will give me a net gain of 5 pounds at 17 weeks. That doesn’t sound so bad. Ran into some new pregnancy weight gain guidelines that are being suggested in an article on Fit Pregnancy’s website, which would change the recommended weight gain for normal weight women to 9-22 lbs for the entire pregnancy. And the pendulum swings again…

16 Weeks 2 Days-

Today is my first day without zofran. I’ve still been popping one in the morning and I’m unsure as to whether the fact that I’ve been feeling good is because I continue taking the drug or because it’s more of a psychological thing (I’m taking this drug therefore of course I feel fine.) We’ll see how it goes. I would much prefer to be drug free!

I’ve decided that I’m really not showing and that my maternity dress yesterday was just hiding several months of intestinal distress that will. not. go. away. I liked the idea of a baby bump so much better. After we went out to dinner and my stomach got exponentially larger I figured either I’m having a vampire baby (in which case I’ll be drinking blood and dealing with cracked ribs very soon – if you didn’t get that you too should plow through the Twilight series) or the fact that my stomach is so large is not actually the baby. At least maternity clothes feel good.

16 Weeks 4 Days-

I think after this week my jeans will no longer be with me. Or rather, they’ll be with me, just in a box of clothes that I can’t wear and not in my dresser. Sad times. I like my jeans and I’ve yet to find good maternity jeans that are “just right” for my body right now. As I get to each weekend I hold my breath and wonder, “Will they still fit?” So far I haven’t been disappointed but I think that’s all about to change.

16 Weeks 5 Days-

Well, it might be harder than I thought to actually get back to 134 even, but I seem to be holding steady in the upper 134.something range. It’s been interesting to intentionally watch what I eat while pregnant. Not to diet, but to consciously choose to eat more fruits and veggies and drink more water. It’s really hard for me! I’m finding that there is a sense of entitlement in being pregnant. There is a part of me that feels like, because I’m pregnant, I should have the right to eat what I want when I want rather than eating stuff that’s good for me and forgoing other stuff. It’s been interesting, to say the least. I’ve certainly not let myself go hungry – the the few times that’s happened have been because I didn’t have enough snacks in my purse. My body seems quite content with what I’m giving it, but still it’s strange to having an internal tug-of-war between wanting to make healthy choices and feeling like I deserve an all you can eat Chinese buffet on a whim.

16 Weeks 6 Days-

Having gone out for 2 very large dinners plus a big breakfast this week, I don’t expect great things from tomorrow’s weigh-in. It is nice, however, to have a better realization of where I think I’m entitled to eat certain things and how much my body really seems to need. My mileage was also down last week, due to the rain, so I’m sure that factors in to everything as well.

Yesterday I was asked for the first time (by an acquainance who knew I was pregnant) how much weight I’d gained so far. I so want to turn questions like that around: “I’ve gained 5-6 pounds. How much weight have you gained in the last 4 months?” I suppose that’s bad.

I’m beginning to wonder where we’re going to put the baby stuff that we collect in between now and when we move somewhere else in the summer.




  1. I love your little bump! So cute great pics, but yes just you wait til 30 weeks! hee hee Great blog – congratulations on the pregnancy! Im 32 weeks pregnant myself with my first little boy, very exciting! As I work with Bounty I’ve been following my stages online, as its my first pregnancy so its all new to me! Here is whats going on at 16 weeks which is where you are! Its so amazing isnt it. Anyway, best of luck to you for the rest of your pregnancy hun xxx

  2. Ingrid you look so cute! That is a definite baby bump just what you were craving a few weeks ago…it sure is amazing how quickly your body changes and adjusts. I have no doubt you’ll be running soon after birth if you can bear being apart from your sweetheart long enough to hit the pavement that is!

  3. Great blog and hope to have time soon to come back and read some more! xx

  4. Ingrid,

    I am totally impressed with you and your website. You have such great info for pregnant moms. Do you mind if I link from my blog to yours? I’ll assume it’s okay unless I hear differently. 🙂

    Where did you find the updated weight gain recs?

    Sea Legs Girl

    P.S. You look great and so happy.

  5. Oops. I found the Too Much Mama link. Thanks!

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