Posted by: Ingrid | March 2, 2009

Buy this, not that

One of the reasons I like running is that it can be as high tech or as simple as you want.  (Once you buy the running shoes, of course – don’t skimp on those!)  I did, however, what to share two things that I’ve recently tried, one that I will buy as long as it’s manufactured and one which I dumped down the sink.


I’m not a huge fan of electrolyte replacement drinks, but I find that they’re helpful on my weekend long runs.  I’ve grown accustomed to the fact that they’re sort of salty sweet and always throw in an additional 50 calories per cup that has to be added to the pre-workout/during-workout/post-workout food which is not (of course), to be confused with breakfast.

So when I saw that Powerade had come out with a calorie free version I saw a chance to balance my electrolytes without all of the pesky calories so I bought a few bottles and waited for my next run.

My dear running reader, do not be deceived.  The extra calories are by far the better end of the deal when the alternative is trying to choke down this cloyingly sweet beverage.  It leaves a terrible aftertaste and almost tastes grainy – something that no beverage should ever do.   I even let my husband try it, just in case pregnancy hormones were messing with my sense of taste and he deemed it, “Disgusting.”

Leave it on the shelf and go with G2 (25 calories per cup but tastes as normal as this sort of thing can taste).


Instead of buying the 21 bottles of Powerade Zero, you were eyeing, I would highly recommend you save the money, head to your local Target, and pick up a pair of their C9 running pants.  Or, if you’re pregnant, buy two.  I got a small and a medium, just to be safe.

As a runner with leg issues (more dislike of my knees than anything else, at this point), shorts are a sometimes sort of thing.  How do my legs look today?  Can I deal with going out in public like this?  What do I do when I want to run a race in warmer weather and it’s just not a good knee day?  These are serious questions that must be asked.

Enter the Champion running capris.  Designed to fit like running tights without the length, they effectively cover the knees without all the extra warmth of pants or tights.  The compression is very comfortable, there is no leg rubbing in the thigh area,  and the wedgie factor is low.  They hold everything together without constricting movement or causing discomfort.  They even have a little zip pocket at the waistband, perfect for a gu, your house key, and possibly your cell phone.  They come in sizes XS-XL and if you’re looking for comfort while you run (or if you too have knee issues) I would highly recommend that you invest in a pair!


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