Posted by: Ingrid | March 2, 2009

I said no to Kaiser

Well, not really, although most of the time the idea of a midwife who would sit down and talk with me rather than doing the hurry up and wait medical facility routine where you sit for an hour to be seen for 10 minutes sounds awfully appealing.

We sat in the waiting room, the door creaked open, and Commando Nurse ushered me unsmilingly into the hall.  No good morning, no welcoming smile, just “Step on the scale.” 

And I said no.

“I’d prefer not to be weighed.  Though I’m happy to share my morning weigh ins with the nurse or doctor.”

She just stared at me, looking grumpy.  I was a little afraid that she might just decide to heft me onto the scale anyway, and she was a least twice my size, so it was within the realm of possibility.  But she didn’t, just looked ticked off as she took my vitals (BP: 111/63, HR: 65).  I’ve never felt so good.  The NP never said a thing about weight and I don’t plan on letting them weigh me ever again.  Ah… the freedom.

We heard the heartbeat for the first time, 140 bpm.  And next week we have our big ultrasound wherein we hopefully discover that our child has a specific gender.

All in all, I thought it was an extremely successful appointment.


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