Posted by: Ingrid | March 2, 2009

Metamorphosis of a bed

It all began when a friend’s parents offered to give us their custom made California King sized bed.  Not being people to pass up nice free furniture we thought it sounded like a lovely idea.  Except, of course, that it meant for a few days life sort of looked like this.


Welcome to our living room.  This is not a comfortable way to live, just in case you didn’t catch that.


But we got the bed in all its purple glory.  They were even nice enough to throw in some pillows, sheets with flowers that looked as though they were straight off a hospital gown, a mattress pad, and the comforter.  The mess was gone, the bed is more comfortable than I could ever imagine, but the purple…!  I didn’t know if I could handle it for very long.


But sometimes all it takes is a little creativity and the desire the make a much too small comforter work, simply because the colors don’t make you feel like you’ve moved into a hospital.

All I can say is this bed is truly amazing, and I now eagerly anticipate the summer months of pregnancy because my husband and I practically sleep in different time zones now and I will have so much room to toss and turn and be hugely uncomfortable.

Along with the bed we managed to also acquire a fridge, new table and chairs, TV, and several end tables and lamps.  Also a hideous faded fake flower display in a southwestern themed pot that looked like it was made for smashing.  Of course none of this fits in our apartment, so now I’m sort of hoping that not only will we continue attracting huge nice items of furniture that we could never afford for years, but that someone will tell us soon that they have this great unfurnished 2000 square foot home that they just need someone to live in rent free.  Then we’ll be set!


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