Posted by: Ingrid | March 2, 2009

Sunday school has its moments

For those of you who don’t know, I help out with the second and third grade Sunday school class at our church.  Life is never dull with so many somewhat squirelly children all trying to keep still and listen.  And there are always those humerous moments.

As I was walking two of the girls to the restroom one of them (who knows that I’m pregnant) began peppering me with questions.  Why don’t I have a big tummy?  Why do babies feel so hard when they’re in someone’s tummy?  Why wasn’t I wearing really big pants?  The best came as we were standing outside the door and she asked if she could see my stomach.  Obligingly, I pulled my dress tighter so she could see the small bump but this was not what she had in mind.  No, can you lift up your dress so I can see you tummy?  I had to choke back a laugh she was so serious.  Can you imagine?

We returned to the room just in time to hear the end of the story of Nebuchadnezzer when he eats grass like a cow for 7 years before his kingdom is restored to him.  The lesson had begun with the story of Lazarus.  To recap at the end the teacher started asking questions:

Who was Lazarus?  A friend of Jesus!

Who was Nebechadnezzer?  He was the proud king you drew up on the board.

What happened to Lazarus? (And oh, the little girl was so so serious and prompt with her answer.)

He turned into a cow!


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