Posted by: Ingrid | March 3, 2009

Pregnancy Running and Exercise log: 16weeks 5 days-17 weeks 4 days

I’m going to start logging my workouts at the end of the week. Not so much to make sure I get them done but to look back on after giving birth and with baby #2 so that I can see what my body is capable of. I know that exercise routines get modified by pregnancy and I’m really curious to get to week 38, when I take a 2 mile stroll in 45 minutes, look back at my log, and wonder who that person was who could run a full six miles without a bathroom break.


Monday: Ran 7 miles (1:06)

Tuesday: Elliptical 45/Walked 2 miles/Weights 30 minutes/Abs/Stretch

Wednesday: Ran 7 miles (1:04)/Stretch

Thursday: Ran 7 miles (1:04)/Weights 45/Walked 2 miles/Stretch

Friday: Elliptical 50/Bike 12/Walked 2 miles/Stretch

Saturday: Ran 11 miles (1:42)/Yoga DVD/Stretch/Abs

Sunday: Walked 3 miles/Weights 30/Elliptical 30


Miles Run: 32


So far, aside from feeling slower, I don’t feel like I’ve made many changes. In fact, I think I’m running more now than I was at this time last year. The biggest change I’ve noticed this week is that support feels good on my lower abdomen when I run and round ligament pain is much more pronounced. Also, I have to be careful doing weights because I get dizzy if I stand up too fast. Makes perfect sense since my blood volume has increased, lowering my blood pressure. Other than that, working out has felt great and I’ve had lots of energy. I do take rest days, BTW, but I sort of let them fall where they will rather than scheduling them in.



  1. How in the world do you find time for all that?? You work full time…do you just exercise in all your free time?

    And just as a heads up: you won’t have that much free time in the future. 🙂

  2. Well, the running fits in around 6:00 am except on Saturdays when I run a bit later. I walk briskly to work rather than driving (those are the 2 mile walks – it’s a mile each way) and it takes me just about as long as driving once I factor in finding a parking spot and all of that. On days I don’t run I try to get to the fitness center in the morning. On days I run and need to get to the fitness center later weights usually fall on my lunch break or right after work, still allowing me to get home before 5:30 or 6:00. Abs and stretching don’t take a whole lot of time.

    I figure once we have a bit more space I’ll probably get what I need to do free weights at home and just fit that in whenever, do more walking with the baby, and leave Clint with the little one for running.

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