Posted by: Ingrid | March 4, 2009

Pregnancy: 18 Weeks

Weight: 136.2 (down 0.2)/B:37.5 (down 1″)/W:30 (same)/H:36 (same) T: 21 (same)

img_2416 img_2436

img_2432 img_24331

17 Weeks 6 Days.  No, I’m not sticking my stomach out, it does that quite naturally now.

17 Weeks 0 Days-

It’s all maternity dresses this week, as I attempt to at least stay comfortable in my ever changing body. I went to measure my waist today and realized I didn’t know where to measure anymore it all looks so big! 30 inches… I don’t think that my waist has ever been that large. I’m finding the transformation quite amazing.

Apparently my eating well seemed to effect my weight until it came round to Wednesday again and suddenly the scale jumped. I’m pretty sure our scale is malicious anyway. This just confirms it.

17 Weeks 1 Day-

Up another 0.6 of a pound. Amazing how uncontrolable my body feels right now. On a more positive note, I’ve run 3 times this week, 7 miles per run. In fact, I did a 7 miler yesterday and another one today and felt great! I don’t even do that when I’m not pregnant! Gearing up for an 11 miler this Saturday and hope to top out at 32 miles this week. Fun!

I made it about 2 hours in a pair of borrowed maternity pants. They’re a size 2 and I swear that, despite the fact that they’re maternity, everything but the stretchy waist is cut smaller than every pair of pants I own! So I went home and put on pre-pregnancy pants which, while tight at the waist are at least comfortable everywhere else. Oy. Getting dressed has never been this hard before!

In other news, pregnancy brain has struck and today I forgot the biggest thing so far. My car. I made a dental appointment, walked to work this morning, then remembered as I sat down at my desk that I was supposed to bring the car with me. Because I don’t think I should be walking to Brea on work time, much as I wouldn’t mind.

17 Weeks 2 Days-

Up another pound today and I’m thinking that the 4 pounds I’ve gained in the past 4 days must be related to the konsyl that the doctor told me to take. Unlike the other umpteen natural and over the counter laxatives that I’ve been told to use over the last 12 weeks (none of which work) this was supposed to really be worth the money I paid for it. Except after 4 days all I’ve gotten is an additional 4 pounds. I suppose it was bad of me to call my doctor back and inform her nurse that I’d had it and if they couldn’t give me anything I’d just stop eating (hello, I’m pregnant, I don’t think I could not eat if I tried), but I’m not above scare tactics at this point. I’ve been eating about 2100 calories, burning (supposedly) around 2300-2600 depending on my workout (and that’s not adding in 300 calories for pregnancy), am running 30-32 miles this week, cross training and weight training on the off days, and have had tons of energy. I just want it to make sense and 4 pounds this quickly is not okay with me.

I realized today that we’re at the end of February, which means March, April, May, June, July, and then a few days before my due date. Five months? What on earth? Where is the time going?

I lost my bet to myself. I’m still wearing my black pre-pregnancy work pants.

17 Weeks 4 Days-

At some point, maybe on a day when I’ve run a lot of miles, I have a dream of going to one of those horrible-for-you-all-you-can-eat-grease-laden Chinese buffets and eating lunch. Preferably before my mileage drops off too much and before my stomach gets so small that I can no longer eat my weight in chow mein and broccoli beef.

That is one craving that I vow to fulfill.

17 Weeks 5 Days-

I think I just got hit with the crazy pregnancy hunger that people talk about. I feel like I’ve gone from one extreme to the other today. One minute I feel nauseous because I’ve eaten or drunk too much. The next minute I feel ravenous and sick because I feel so hungry. I’ve only experienced this sort of hunger in the context of training for a running event and it’s very weird and hard to plan around.  I’ve learned that when I feel this I have a window of only 1-3 minutes to eat something immediately. 

Another weird thing was my emotional… I have no idea what to call it. I started laughing at something right before bed, the kind of way-to-tired slumber party laughter that gets out of control. I couldn’t stop laughing and then in quickly turned in to crying which I couldn’t stop either. It was the strangest emotional deluge I’ve experienced so far and I still don’t know why I was laughing or crying!

17 Weeks 6 Days-

I’m still failing at not ending up on my back in the middle of the night. Last night I tried the body pillow in front and a few pillows wedged behind my back, all to no avail. When our bed was smaller I was throwing the body pillow out half way through the night. Now that we have more space I wake up to find myself on my back with the pillow on top as though it’s trying to pin me. Worse still is when I find Clint cuddling up to the body pillow as if he was the one who needed it!

Still no movement that I can feel, although with the baby weighing in at 5-6 ounces those legs can’t be very big.

And back to that pregnancy hunger thing. I got a surprise visit at work from a very talkative rep which meant that I was kept from heating up my mid-morning snack. He talked and talked and talked and WOULD NOT STOP. All I could think as he regaled me with personal anecdotes was that I was going to die of hunger right there.  I was ready to cry it felt so bad.




  1. Great blog hun thanks! I say eat what you want! as long as its healthy stuff, remember you are eating for two so dont hold back! I thought you might want to look at this to find out even more whats going on at 18 weekds! You look fab in your photos, can’t wait for some more! xxx

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