Posted by: Ingrid | March 6, 2009

I never thought the day would come

when I would drool over a stroller.

But isn’t it pretty?


And versatile?  This thing holds a newborn-toddler and then can convert to a double stroller.  And if things happen as quickly as we hope (as in, let’s done with the pregnancy phase by 35) a lightweight, easily foldable, adjustable, jogger that fits two might be the way to go.  Then I can walk out the door with two in the stroller, one in a sling, and an almost  five year old in hand.  I don’t remember running off at age 4 and a leash seems a little extreme.  We’ll have to figure that part out later I guess.

But I digress.  Meet the Sport (a little cheaper than the Vibe pictured above).


So pretty.

And yet so expensive. 

When the Phil & Ted’s website (and their strollers) were recommended by a friend I thought that perhaps expensive meant $300.  Not so in the land of fancy-schmancy strollers.  Apparently $300 is positively middle-of-the-road.  Try $699.99.  I don’t know if I could even use a stroller that cost that much!  I’d be afraid of getting the wheels dirty.

But a woman can drool dream, right?



  1. You want four kids??? How did I not know that? Somehow I did not have you pegged as a four child woman.

  2. Stalk craiglist and ebay Ingrid. We have the sport (in the orange pictured) and it is cheaper then buying 4-5 different strollers to meet your needs … this way you have one that can do it all. I am totally in love (as is Jon) we can find nothing wrong with this stroller (sigh) it is the easiest jogger I have ever pushed (even with two kids in it and pulling one behind on a bike … sigh

    Keep dreaming and looking used they are out there!

  3. Can the kid on the underside see anything?

    Other than that . . . Emily taught me that you can RSS a search on Craigslist, which is how we got our awesome quad stroller. (And, if you really do want four kids, that’s the beast to go with!)

  4. It is funny because I was sure the kid on the bottom would be miserable but it is the “fought over” seat at our home. The kids love it! Our favorite part was the ability to lie flat during infancy though so the baby could sleep while toddler is up above…and while a quad with four kids is great I must say not for running 🙂

  5. It’s good to hear from a friend who likes it, Amie. I will definitely be trying to find one used. 🙂

    And Em, what can I say, I am a woman of mystery and surprise. The 3-4 kid idea has always been there, it was just a matter of getting started and that seems to have been taken care of quite nicely…

  6. For $700, I wouldn’t want to get the wheels dirty either.

  7. thanks, Amie! Actually, stopping to consider how much kids like hidey-holes of various kinds, I’m not surprised the bottom seat is fought over!

    And you can run with a quad stroller – I have for short bits here and there – but it’s certainly not ideal!

  8. We have the sport. Not that it isn’t still really expensive – it was just under $500 total. The sport is great. We have it in grey. And, like someone else said – if it saves you from purchasing 4 or 5 different strollers over the years – it might even save you money! They do come up on Craigslist now and then. I would definitely look for one that way!! My friend got one on Craigslist for $150!!! She can probably reselll it for that when she is done with it.
    We want four kids as well. Fun!

  9. Having had something like 10 strollers (3 of which were joggers seating 1, 2 and 3 respectively), I wish I had splurged for smthg like the sport. However, I will say in my defense that they weren’t out when Lucy was born.

    I will also say that you really can’t jog long distance with more than 2 children. With 2 kids, it was easy to run 3 miles (however, your arms and shoulder get real tired). With 3 kids, I can do a mile to a mile and a half tops because I was pushing more than my body weight!

  10. yes yes, i agree! stalk craigslist and dreams come true. i looked for ages to get my double jogger and was too slow to call on a few great deals. i finally posted a wanted ad. Someone who was looking to skip the time it takes to post and then meet interested parties was willing to match my low price!
    We only had a jogger with Lena (and now a double with Clara) and never needed another. I have friends who bought up to three strollers & in the long run (no pun intended!) they matched or exceeded the price of our jogger. Seriously – if running is important to you and you want to continue with the boy/girl/alien- get a good jogger. I use it almost every day and I never regretted the price. Also, don’t forget to ask people for $ for a jogger for a baby gift. (esp. if you have a baby shower). We paid for a large chunk of our first jogger that way. woo hoo! we are excited to see you throughout your pregnancy at grace group.

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