Posted by: Ingrid | March 9, 2009

Pregnancy Running and Exercise log: 17 weeks 5 days-18 weeks 4 days

Monday: Ran 6 miles (56 minutes)/Walked 1 mile/Abs/Stretch
Tuesday: Ran 4 miles (37:24)/Walked 3 miles
Wednesday: Ran 6.5 miles (1:1:30)/Stretch
Thursday: Elliptical 60/Stretch/Walk 1 mile
Friday: Run 4 miles (37 minutes)/Abs/Stretch/Elliptical 20 minutes/Weights 30 minutes/Walk 2 miles
Saturday: Ran 10 miles (1:35)/Stretch
Sunday: Abs/Stretch/Walked 2 miles/Elliptical 20 minutes/Weights 40 minutes

Miles Run: 30.5

Didn’t notice any changes this week, except for being slow.  It doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it used to, but I forget I can’t cover ground as quickly at times.  I’m loving the little maternity support belt that I got off of Amazon and I wear it every time I run, even without much needing support right now.  I just like the feeling of pressure against my belly when I run.

I signed up for a hilly 10K at the end of the month and I’m beginning the second week of the  nine week half marathon training plan just in case I feel up for the run once I get to May.  So far my energy has been good and nothing has hurt.  I was worried that the ligament pain was going to get worse and worse, but it’s been very mild and I’ve hardly felt it at all while running this week.

I can’t be the only pregnant running mom who sometimes feels ligament pain and freaks out that maybe my uterus is detaching and about to fall off. 🙂  At least I hope I’m not…


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