Posted by: Ingrid | March 9, 2009

The Second Trimester is worth it, and some rambling

I was beginning to think that all of the pregnancy books that I’ve read lie.  All of them painted the second trimester in such glowing colors, made it a place you’d want to be.  So I crossed the 13 week threshold with high hopes and great expecations, only to feel much disappointment and very misled.

Somewhere in the past few weeks something has changed.  I feel like I’ve been hiking a poorly maintained trail for weeks and have just come out to a view that makes the whole thing worth it.  That is such a good feeling! 

I do not miss the nausea.  It is such a wonderful to be hungry (a lot!), to cook, to sit down in front of what I cooked, and still want to eat it.  I have been drug free for several weeks now and while I was grateful for medication that mostly kept food down, it is far better to have everything smell and taste good again. 

I’ve found that while I don’t have my pre-pregnancy energy back (meaning I have to know my limits, which is turning out to be quite nice and means that I get more sleep), I have lots of energy during the day to get things done and stay active.  It’s nice to enjoy my somewhat heavier body while it still has its full range of motion.  I know there will come a day when I will need to solicit help from my husband to shave my legs and a point when shoe tying will become an ordeal that actually involves sitting down.  I do look forward to a bigger stomach that will anchor me to one side or the other while I sleep, but for now I still enjoy getting out of bed fairly easily in the morning.

It’s also been fun going from that stage where I just didn’t wanted to look in a mirror to where I am now, where every mirror or window is a chance to revel in the fact that THERE IS A BUMP.  No matter that I still have no pants to wear.  The cute early bump of pregnancy stage is fun.

Plus this is the point where things get exciting.  I’m still waiting to feel clearly defined movement and tomorrow we have our ultrasound.  And then there’s just so much stuff that’s going to change in the next 21 weeks that it’s mind boggling.  Mind boggling and exciting.

The pregnancy stuff is exciting and life seems very wide open and exciting as well.  Clint will finish his MA by the end of May, we have a marriage retreat to look forward to, finding a new place to live, and then the fun of figuring out job stuff and future plans.  There’s also the trip to Hawaii that’s happening in April.  Yes, Hawaii.  And yes, I realize that I’ve neglected to mention to anyone that we’re going to Hawaii for a week.  But we are, thanks to one of those time share presentations that we sat through for the airfare/hotel vouchers.  We’re extending our stay a bit and I’m really looking forward to being back there.  The only thing is, I would like to see a volcano and I’m trying to figure out (since we’re on Oahu) how to get to another island without breaking the bank or swimming my pregnant self over there.  If you have any ideas, let me know.  I suppose that wanting to see a volvano is much more reasonable than wanting to learn to surf while almost 6 months pregnant…

In honor of our trip and the fact that I’ve already outgrown every bathing suit I own, I bought three from Target in various sizes so that I don’t have to go to a dressing room.  Hopefully one of them will fit and then I’ll take the other ones back.  Here’s one of the suits.  Isn’t it cute?


The fact that it’s red automatically makes it cute in my book.  I’m hoping that in this case, cute and supportive go together.  If you’re going to design swimsuits for the pregnant body, surely the support issue would be taken into consideration, right? *Crosses fingers*

I’m so glad to be here.  Glad to be where I am, glad to be pregnant, and glad that there’s so much more to look forward too.



  1. Aw, I’m glad you’re having more fun!

    fwiw, I never needed help shaving my legs – even with twins! I probably did sit down to tie my shoes . . . but I bet you don’t have to. 🙂

  2. I’m with Jess even with the twins I could still shave my own legs…but wanting to well that is a different story!

  3. Ingrid–let me offer some advice before you get those bathing suits you ordered and feel awful. I found that all maternity suits had HORRIBLE bottoms. They were cut so matronly, right across the biggest part of my thigh. I looked so terrible. So, I found the suit I wanted, and then went to Target and bought regular bikini bottoms to go with it. Just thought I should warn you. I mean the maternity bottoms were bad, real bad. I still shutter at the thought of them.

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