Posted by: Ingrid | March 11, 2009

It’s a…


I still can’t quite believe it.  We both wanted to start with a boy, but we were pretty sure that it was a girl.  It was such a shock when the radiologist said, “So there are the legs… and that right there means you’re having a boy.”  We just looked at each other in surprised disbelief.  My first thought (even though this is her job) was, “Are you sure?  Can you show us that a few more times?  Because we’re going to be telling people about this.   And shouldn’t those parts be attached???”

But the verdict is in, it’s a boy.  And I at least, am still in shock.  I felt him move (or recognized his movements for what they were) for the first time yesterday, too, which added to the fun.  On the screen he looked like he was measuring 19 weeks 3 days (I was 18 weeks 6 days) so he seems to be growing just fine.  He has legs!  And fingers!  And little feet!

img_24691 img_24671

And then we went shopping.  And the nice lady at Babies R’ Us gave me all her opinions on the fact that you should NEVER have a natural birth and just take all those drugs ’cause it doesn’t effect the baby at all.  I just smiled and nodded.  It sounded like she was expecting a birth where she didn’t feel anything and drugs were the answer to that problem. 


Here we are at the hospital, photos in hand and grinning like crazy.


We were so disorriented that we had a hard time finding our way out of radiology and kept running into emergency exits.  I kept stopping to exclaim, “WE’RE HAVING A BOY!!!!”


Little shoes… so impractical and yet so cute.


Isn’t that the truth.


Look!  He’s waving!  We’re hoping that he has more than four fingers, however.

I was utterly amazed, as I lay on my back with the silent ultrasound tech taking pictures and measurements that I didn’t get to see, to find out just how fiercely I wanted our little boy to be okay.  I lay there thinking that I would stop running, I would lay in one place for weeks if I had to, I would gain 60 pounds if necessary, as long as he was okay.  Fortunately for now none of those things seem necessary, but it was interesting to me to see that I would be willing to sacrifice everything I hold so tightly right now for this little person growing inside me.



  1. Wow, that was a great night! I can’t believe we’re having a boy! I love you babe!

  2. Yea!!!! That’s what I voted for in your poll. Congratulations!!!

  3. Congratulations you guys! We are so excited for you! =)

  4. Hurrah!!!

  5. Oh how exciting! It is amazing the grace God gives us and the love that he gives us for our children. It really makes me reflect on the depth of meaning behind us being called CHILDREN of God. Wow!

    Congrats on your little man!

  6. Congratulations! Boys are fun. 🙂 (so are girls, but, y’know . . .)

    And isn’t it amazing the love you feel?

  7. yay!

  8. Congrats! I would have said so sooner, but I had food poisoning yesterday….blech! Anyway, I’m so happy for you and your little boy (or, well, both of them 😉 ). Love you all…

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