Posted by: Ingrid | March 11, 2009

Pregnancy: 19 Weeks

Weight: 136.2 (down 0.2)/B:37.5 (down)/W:30 (same)/H:36 (same) T: 21 (same)

img_2447 img_2450

18 Weeks 6 days (measurements and weight is always from the first day of the week, so 18 weeks 1 day)

img_2453 img_2455

I still look so normal from the front.  Not so much from the side…

18 Weeks 0 Days-

I can’t get over how debilitatingly hungry I get. It hits me and I literally cannot function until I eat. I get dizzy, sick, and generally feel like the world as a whole is ending and I must have food immediately or I will DIE. I don’t like the feeling.

Until now I’ve been very comfortable eating a few hundred calories under what I burn. I might try eating exactly what I supposedly burn the next week, just to see if that helps a little.

I looked back at my idealistic weight goals that I made up in the first trimester. The ones that said I would be no more than 132/133 at this point. *Snort* Since I’ve been 136 the last three Wednesdays (but up and down in between), I’m assuming that I can expect a growth spurt soon. I just hope it’s not a huge one.  According to what my doctors have said, I’m right on track.

18 Weeks 1 Day-

Maybe it’s absurd to think that I’ve grown overnight, but I’m almost positive that I have! I think my work pants have reached the point of no return. And this would be the day I left the bella band at home. Ugh. Uncomfortable clothing is the worst!

*Twiddles thumbs and waits to look and feel cute*

18 Weeks 2 Days-

I had a friend tell me towards the beginning of pregnancy to be sure to wear tighter shirts when I started showing so as to maximize the baby bump. Low and behold, she was right! If I’d known all I needed was a tight shirt to feel cute this could have been arranged a while ago. Today I feel adorable, which is a nice change!

The baby still appears to be growing well, and my uterus is approaching my belly button (where it’s supposed to be around 20 weeks). From what I can tell, everything seems to be going just fine, except for the fact that the baby doesn’t seem all that personal and I can’t get away from the fact that it just feels like there’s this silent growing thing in my body.

I’m still waiting for some movement, which is I know is normal anytime between 16-22 weeks. Nothing yet. But I think it’s funny that I’ve had several people tell me that it feels like angel’s wings… or gas. Across the board women seem to get all poetic- butterflies, angels, fairies, etc. (like I’ve had experience with angel wings in my stomach? Right.) and then say that it just felt like gas. Okay, I’m pregnant, that one I understand. Might as well skip the poetry and go straight to the prose.

18 Weeks 4 Days-

I would like to blame today’s daylight savings oops on the baby. I woke up last night, in the wee hours of the morning, and could not get comfortable or back to sleep for several hours. It is, of course, those times when my dear husband snores and breathes heavily and no matter what I did, how I elbowed him, moved his head, or shifted his pillow, it did no good. I finally fell asleep and we both woke up feeling like we’d been hit by a truck. I’m supposed to help with Sunday school at 9:30. We woke up at 10:17. I couldn’t believe it because I just don’t do things like that. But maybe I do while I’m pregnant.

18 Weeks 5 Days-

I woke up for my first early-hours-of-the-morning snack last night. Peanut butter is such a beautiful thing. I am determined to wear dresses and skirts all this week in hopes that by the time next Monday rolls around I might be big enough for some maternity pants to finally fit.  I’ve never been so excited about elastic waistbands.

At lunch hubby and I headed to the school cafe. All my other lunch dates had fallen through and since I assumed I would be eating at the cafe I hadn’t packed a lunch. I was just a tad hungry when I got there. Just a tad… Actually, I had no idea I was physically capable of eating that much. Not only did I eat far more than I needed (Ooh, pizza! And salad! And muffins! And all of the stuff on my husband’s plate!), but then I topped off the lovely delicious, way-too-big meal by spilling frozen yogurt on my stomach. The first time of many, I assume.

18 Weeks 6 Days-

Daylight savings is KILLING ME. Two nights in a row of very poor interrupted sleep does not a happy pregnant woman make. I’m tired at night, but my body is so thrown off. The last 2 nights, because all I do is toss and turn in a state of semi-awakeness, I’ve ended up hungry in the early morning too. But I don’t want food I want sleep!

It amazes me how easy it is to worry, especially with the ultrasound today. Trying to turn that into prayer rather than a list of things that could go wrong, but it’s hard.

Not only do we get to go out for lunch for a co-worker’s birthday, but tonight we’re celebrating a friend’s birthday and going out for pizza. Pretty much all you have to do these days is wave food in my face if you want to distract me.

10:35 AM- I’m pretty sure I just felt the baby move! It couldn’t have been anything else, didn’t happen on the other side, and happened in the same area when I’d poke my stomach. It felt like a strong heart beat would feel. If you had a heart hanging out in your uterus, that is. If I lived in a comic book world it would have sounded like a faint “bop.”



  1. “maximize the baby bump”

    I am not quite sure what this means, but I am glad you know what you are doing!

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