Posted by: Ingrid | March 18, 2009

Halfway To Somewhere

Well, here we are at 20 weeks, the official halfway marker of pregnancy.  There are another 4 weeks left before our little boy would have a chance of survival on his own, 17 weeks before I’m considered term, 20 weeks before I’m done with the traditional 40 weeks of pregnancy, and 22 weeks if he decides to be really late.


I bought this tank top back at the beginning of the first trimester, when cheap retail therapy felt like the best way to cope.  Although I never did this, I thought it would be funny to wear it before I looked pregnant at all, leaving people to wonder what the heck the back of my shirt meant.  Was it a joke?  Shouldn’t there be a punch line? 


img_2498 img_1965

I also was going through pictures last night and made myself cry (okay, it was past my bedtime too) because I used to be normal and have a normal stomach that even had some definition and WHY did I not appreciate it the way I should have?  On the left we have me at twenty weeks.  The picture on the right was taken mid December, when I was 6-7 weeks pregnant.  I look so smug, as if I’m thinking I’m pregnant and I still look thin and normal.  This won’t be a problem at all.

At 20 weeks my uterus has reached my belly button.  Supposedly I have another 22 cm to grow.  I can never remember how many centimeters per inch, and I’m too lazy to look it up right now.  No, scratch that, I just looked it up and that’s 7.9 inches.  Above my belly button.  Oh my.

On the other hand, since my waist seems to expand an inch on a weekly basis I’m more afraid of adding an additional 20 inches around if this trend continues.  How do you navigate a 52 inch waist?

Weight wise I’ve packed on 9-10 pounds.  The baby is growing fast and the placenta is now fully formed.  And I still have 20 weeks to go.



  1. I think your 20 week picture is WAY cuter than your 6 week picture. 🙂

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