Posted by: Ingrid | March 23, 2009

A few recommentations

Just a couple or running and pregnancy recommendations.  First, pregnant or not, Champion is running a pretty good sale on sports bras.  Considering their maximum support running bras usually are in the $40-$45 range, the fact that they are now $19.99-$24.99 is something to take advantage of!  I can personally attest to the fact that their Powersleek is wonderful for someone at a C average.  This sale came at the perfect time for me and I’ll let you know how the DD performs (Yes, I’m moving on down the alphabet) for the pregnant runner who starts out more well endowed than the stereotypical flat-as-a-board cross country sylph. 

If you want to see the route that you’re running and check on mileage and don’t have some type of GPS tracker, you can map your run here.  Just a warning, I used this for my long run on Saturday (albeit not very carefully) and ended up running an additional mile.  So use at your own risk and maybe don’t trust it too much if you’re pressed for time.  It is fun to use though.  Enjoy!

Last, if you’re pregnant and still running, this maternity belt has been a life saver for me.  I won’t run without it now.  It comes in several different sizes, is reasonably priced, and adjusts as you grow.  The light pressure feels great while running even though I haven’t really popped out that much.  I highly recommend something like this for pregnant runners!



  1. gmaps pedometer does well with the distance stuff…google that and it’ll come right up

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