Posted by: Ingrid | March 30, 2009

Pregnancy Exercise and Running Log: 20 Weeks 5 Days – 21 Weeks 4 Days

Monday: Ran 6 miles (58:30)/Walked 2 miles/Stretch

Tuesday: Walked 2 miles/Abs/Stretch/Elliptical 30/Weights 30

Wednesday: Ran 6 miles (58:30)

Thursday: Ran 4 miles (37:43)/Walked 2 miles/Bike 25 minutes/Weights 30 minutes/Abs/Stretch

Friday: Walked 4 miles (rest day)

Saturday: Ran La Habra 10K (53.30)

Sunday: Ran 5 miles (46 minutes)

Miles Run: 27

I’m realizing that if I’m going to keep running the way I want for the next few weeks, that will probably mean less cardio on the in between days. Cognitively, I know that’s okay, but 30 minutes on the bike or elliptical just feels like a cop-out. 40-60 minutes is “real” exercise. 30 minutes doesn’t feel like it counts. Must unlearn that.

Still no achiness and no back pain. Not even a hint of round ligament pain this week, which is nice. I’m looking forward to running at the beach this coming weekend while we’re on the marriage retreat. Hopefully a nice flat 9-10 miler if I can wake up early enough.

After running the 10K this weekend, I’m very aware that I still have a good deal of running left in me. That was so much fun!



  1. Please note that I will NOT be joining you for that run this weekend 😉 A combination of the fact that I’m working, the fact that the shin splints that I don’t know if they’re real shin splints are still hurting and, oh, the fact that you’re NUTS!!

    Just wanted to let you know 😉 Also, take care…love you much.

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