Posted by: Ingrid | April 1, 2009

Pregnancy: Week 22

img_2583 img_2587

img_2585 img_2591

Pictures from 21 weeks 6 days in the evening.

21 weeks 0 days: Weight: 140.4 (up 1.2 pounds)/B:38 (down 0.5″)/W:32 (same)/H:36.5 (same) T: 21.75 (up 0.25″)

21 Weeks 0 Days-

And today we learn that low carb and pregnancy don’t mix. Wait. I think I knew that already. I ran 6 miles feeling like my legs were going to fall off. “Going to die. Going to die.” does not make for a good running mantra. And our lesson today again… runners need carbs. Pregnant runners need carbs. Pregnant runners who feel like they’re gaining too much weight and feel like they need to teach their body a lesson even though they’ve always sucked at low carb dieting still need carbs.

I have to admit, with every website telling me to eat 2500-2800 calories per day to gain 0.5-1 pound a week I’m very annoyed that I gain multiple pounds on 2000-2100 calories. That’s just not right and it makes me so angry to think that if I really want to keep things where I’m comfortable gaining (and what is normal) I have to eat less than 2000 calories. How does that make sense on any level?

21 Weeks 1 Day-

I think I’m growing on a daily basis which is a little unnerving. In an ideal universe, my body would email me a list of changes that were going to occur during the week and the day on which each change would take place. Instead I feel like I’m running into all sorts of changes all of the time and… what do you do with that?

21 Weeks 2 Days-

Still waiting for our baby to make his presence known on the outside. He moves around a lot, but we haven’t sat for hours waiting to see my stomach move yet. I have two different bellies on any given day. The one I wake up with, which looks fairly small, and the one I fall asleep with that practically screams, “Hello I’m pregnant and uncomfortable!” Not sure if I can do anything to minimize the discrepancy between the two but it sure is weird.

21 Weeks 3 Days-

I won’t say that I’m craving cookies but I will say that I’m eating an awful lot of them. Why are vegetables never this appealing!

21 Weeks 4 Days-

Today I saw my belly move. My sister and I were laying out by the pool and I happened to be looking at my stomach when it… bounced. Very cool. It is now very tempting to contemplate my bare stomach in hopes that it will happen again.

21 Weeks 5 Days-

Hurray for a weekend of sleep and starting out with more energy than I had last week! Crazy how this baby growing can take so much out of me. A little surprised, after staying off the scale and eating crazy things (and cookies!) all weekend, to see my weight down a little this morning. A very pleasant surprise, I must say.

21 Weeks 6 Days-

I’m starting to see that there is a difference between someone who is showing and someone who has “popped”. I’m guessing I don’t fit the latter category yet, which is fine by me. It does mean, however, at times when I’m in looser fitting clothing (like at the fitness center) I do a lot more resting my hands on my stomach in hopes that I will look a little more pregnant and and a little less pudgy. It’s still strange to carry weight in an area of my body that hasn’t really been affected before, but cute maternity tops definitely make it better!

My favorite comment (from a guy) came yesterday, when he asked loudly, “So, have you given birth yet?” To be fair, he didn’t think I looked pregnant and I was in my workout clothes and he thought I’d been running. I informed him that pregnancy takes about 40 weeks, I was only 22 weeks through, you can still run and exercise while pregnant, and yes, I’d just been working out. It was a funny exchange. Come on, pregnant lady… are you done yet?

I have resorted to napping for 15 minutes on the floor of my cubicle at the end of my lunch break. My only fear is that I’m going to wake up with carpet prints up and down my cheeks. Well, that and the fact that my director’s boss might walk in.



  1. hi! i came across your blog when i was trying to do some searches for running while pregnant and i’m so glad i found your blog. it sounds like you are doing a great job with it. I’m trying to keep up with a running routine throughout my pregnancy and your blog will definately keep me motivated to keep up with my running.

  2. Vegetables are never as appealing because they JUST DON’T TASTE AS GOOD. (And this from someone who eats a LOT more veggies than cookies.)

    Your conversation with the guy in the fitness center is funny. I think people don’t stop and think that really, pregnancy is a lot closer to a year long than not. I know I always felt like I forgot that till I was halfway through and wondering what was taking so long.

  3. I hope you had fun with your sister. Your over 1/2 way (most probably 🙂 how exciting!

  4. You are definitely growing “up” instead of “out”. Fun, isn’t it, having a baby growing into your lungs? 🙂 Although it is probably easier for your running to have your center of balance staying closer to normal right now!

  5. My belly grew like yours with my girls and consider it a blessing, my dear. You will gain your shape back a LOT quicker. Edmund was a popper and my belly still hasn’t popped back.

    You look great and definitely pregnant!

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