Posted by: Ingrid | April 2, 2009

Don’t I wish

Since I spend a lot of time calling various vendors I am used to speaking with people who range from surly to moderately polite. What I am not used to and was not prepared to respond to was:

“, how may I exceed your expecations?”

Caught between a laugh and the momentary thought that I’d found my fairy godmother, I wish I’d had time to pull out my expectations list and rattled it off.

-keep me running for another month

-a place to live come summer

-get me past the pre-reqs and into nursing school

-cool weather and rain all June and July this year

-a latte maker in my office

-an all expenses paid six month trip to Europe

-winning the lottery

-peace and healing for our families

-the abilitity to sleep 10 hours and still run

-the fortitude to not finish up our case of cookies

-no income taxes this year

She did say exceed my expecations, so maybe I should also throw in a house elf to do the cleaning while I’m pregnant. Yeah, I don’t ask for much, do I?



  1. i like this post. 🙂

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