Posted by: Ingrid | April 22, 2009

Pregnancy Exercise and Running Log: 23 Weeks 5 Days – 24 Weeks 4 Days

Monday: Ran 4 miles (38:00)/Walked 2 miles/Stretch/Abs/Elliptical 20/Weights 30

Tuesday: Off/Walk around Hawaii!

Wednesday: Ran 7 miles (1:06.30)

Thursday: Ran 6 miles (58)/2 mile hike

Friday: Walked around/Snorkled/Abs

Saturday: Ran 10 miles (1:35) Walked 0.25/Stretched

Sunday: Ran 3 miles/Walked 1 mile/Abs

Miles Run: 30

If this week (most of it in Hawaii) did anything for me, it was to reinforce how much I love running, even pregnant running, and that I need to let my body and not some arbitrary self-imposed guideline (like thinking I must only do 8 miles as a long run after my half marathon or that I have to drop my mileage to a certain amount) guide my running.

I loved having the time to run without the pressure of getting ready and going off to work. My goal was to run 25-26 miles for the week and I made it to 30. It felt so good I kept tacking on miles here and there The only rough day was Sunday, since I don’t normally run again the day after a long run.

Last time I was in Hawaii was for the Honolulu marathon 3.5 years ago. It was the first event I ever signed up for, and even though I was on Oahu for over a week, the marathon was the only running that I did (didn’t want to get too fatigued beforehand and was sore afterwards). This time I had the joy of not only recognizing areas I’d run before but I had the chance to get out and explore on my own. I find it very satisfying when I travel to run in the city where I’m staying. I get a better feel for how the city is connected and I feel like I get to know it better than if I just drive through it. I ran up the beach, through Kapiolani Park, by the Zoo, and around the Ala Wai canal and golf course (a nice 3.5 mile loop). It was very satisfying. There were lots of people out every morning either running, walking, biking, or rowing. People seemed to be very active there and I enjoyed that.

Coming up on Saturday: The Fullerton Donate Life 5K followed by the Irvine Pediatric Cancer Research half marathon the following Sunday.



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