Posted by: Ingrid | April 23, 2009


We flew out of LAX on Tuesday morning and spent the 5 hour flight reading and watching a terrible terrible movie called Revolutionary Road.  I don’t recommend it and found it horrible and revolting on several levels.  It was one of those movies that you start to see is spiraling down and you hope it will redeem itself but it doesn’t.  This was the view as we started our turbulent descent into Honolulu.  The water color in Hawaii never ceases to amaze me.  It really is all of those shades of blue that you see on postcards!


When we went to rent the car, I was given the choice between a standard grey economy basic or, for an extra $6 per day, a red convertible Mustang.  Knowing my weakness for red cars, I think my husband knew the battle was already won.  And I don’t regret it a bit despite the horrible convertible hair it caused. 


Our first hotel that we were in for 2 nights (our reward for sitting through a time share presentation), was on the 32nd floor and was… a bit lacking in beauty and bed size (we got a full!) and right next to a trash chute (with a sign that informed people that they should not dispose of microwaves in said chute).  What it lacked on the inside, however, was more than made up for by the view.  Which was spectacular.  Diamond Head crater was in front of us, the canal (think beautiful, full of water, with people boating on it, not the typical dry with abandoned shopping cart remains that we see in southern California) and golf course were off to our left.


And Waikiki was off to our right.  There was a table and some chairs on the balcony and it was a beautiful place to be!



In traditional Hawaiian fashion we got “lei’d” at the airport, both by the time share person and our friend who arrived just in time to save us from the time share person.  The flowers were incredible and smelled good for days.  They even make manly looking leis… who knew!


After checking in, we wandered beachward in search of food.  We didn’t know it then, but you don’t go to Hawaii for the food.  We did, however, find this great hole in the wall place almost at the beach called Blazing Steaks.  For $7 you get two huge scoops of rice (even McDonalds serves rice with meals in Hawaii!), salad, and mahi mahi, steak, or chicken (or some combination thereof) with your choice of sauces.  For $10 you get 16 ounces of steak.  It’s some good food.  It’s also served in a styrofoam to go tray, but I’ll take flavor over picturesque any day.


We finally made it to the beach, watched a bit of dancing, realized that we were utterly exhausted, stumbled back to our hotel and were out by 9:00 pm.




  1. I want chime in just to say that I agree fully with your review of Revolutionary Road ugh! We kept hoping for redemption but it really was just plain awful ugh!

    Looks like a wonderful time for you guys. Will this be our last trip pre-baby boy?

  2. I think that will be our last trip that involves flying before the baby comes. I imagine we might have a couple of road trips and I would LOVE to make it up to Yosemite, but we’ll see what work and baby permit. 🙂

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