Posted by: Ingrid | April 23, 2009

Pregnancy: 25 Weeks




Pictures from 25 weeks 0 days

24 weeks 0 days: Weight: No idea. Who takes a scale to Hawaii? /B:38.5 (up 0.5″)/W:33 (up 0.5″)/H:37 (up 0.5″) T: 22 (same)

I’m halfway through the third quarter.  That feels pretty good!

At 25 weeks today, our kiddo is getting closer to the 2 pound mark and is 12-13 inches long. My uterus is the size of a soccer ball, the baby is starting to gain more fat, and supposedly, if the baby is in the right position someone could hear his heartbeat if they put their head against my belly. We won’t be testing that one out with any strangers though!

One of the websites sent me an email welcoming me to the third trimester. My NP said that they count the third trimester as beginning next week, and other websites go with 27 or 28 weeks. Love that pregnancy counting confusion. The third trimester. Wow. Where did that come from? Time goes so much faster when you take off to Hawaii for a week!

One note from this week (I was in Hawaii – no record keeping for me!), was that our little boy discovered the most amusing game of “Kick the Seatbelt” while on the plane. I tightened the strap and he would kick or punch only where the seatbelt was pressing. I thought it was pretty charming myself.



  1. thanks for useful info.

  2. A soccer ball??? I don’t know where you read that useful bit of information, but there is definitely nothing the size of a soccer ball inside your belly. My word, I don’t think ALL of you is the width of a soccer ball. 🙂 That baby is hiding out in your…I’m not sure where. 🙂

  3. I think the pictures must be lying because I truly do look like I have a little less than half of a soccer ball sticking out of where my stomach used to be! I’m really not sure where all of my internal organs are hanging out though… yikes!

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